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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

27 pregnancy article submissions by the Mothering community.

Baby Fever: 5 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner That You're Ready for Another Baby

  Please note: This article is intended to be humorous so please read it with that in mind.    People often think that half the fun of having children is actually...making them. But in reality, for many of us, we first have to CONVINCE dad that another baby is a good idea. You can find countless ideas online about announcing your pregnancy, but not so many about how to convince (cajole, trick, persuade, etc) your partner that it is actually time to start trying again.    So, for your reading pleasure, here are a few tips for getting the guy on board with making... read more

IUDs: Benefits and Risks of Using Mirena or ParaGard for Birth Control

  What is an Intrauterine Device (IUD)? IUDs are small T-shaped plastic devices that are are either wrapped in copper or contain small amounts of synthetic hormones. Once inserted into the uterus they are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. There are several types of intrauterine devices. This article looks briefly at the two most popular brands, ParaGard and Mirena, as well as some of the known benefits and side effects of these devices.    The Good and the Bad: the benefits and negatives of IUDs at a glance   Benefits up to 99% effective in preventing... read more

The Things You Should Never, EVER Say to Someone Experiencing Fertility Issues

  In the 3 years prior to conceiving my daughter, I spent 7 months on clomid, did what seemed like endless months of injections and ultrasounds through failed IUI’s and IVF’s, had 4 early miscarriages, and had 3 surgeries just months apart on my pelvic region. There were also complications like ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, 4 ovarian cyst ruptures, one pregnancy/miscarriage I shockingly didn’t know about until I hemorrhaged badly the night before my second surgery, mysterious things growing inside of me… Sadly, I could go on and on. Each of the three surgeries... read more

My Road Through Infertility

                The year was 2006, and we had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, and unbeknownst to us at the time, we would still be trying for over a year before we would find success. My period was always irregular, but the doctor had put me on some medication, and it had helped me to ovulate at the same time each month for the previous three or four months. This was great news, but it made TTC much more difficult emotionally because I had a clear reminder each month that I was, indeed, not pregnant.   I woke up one day feeling awfully nauseous,... read more

Single Motherhood by Choice: Going it Solo

I am a single mother by choice. No, I am not crazy. Yes, it is a lot of work. No, I have no regrets. Yes, I’m totally and madly in love with my son. I had thought about having a child on my own since my early thirties. It's not how I imagined I would have a family when I was younger but my reality is that I’m just not relationship girl, and I never have been. I have dated over the years but nothing ever stuck. And so I found myself staring at 40 on the horizon with my ovaries persistently reminding me that they were there and they would like to be put into service,... read more

I Got My Period...I Got My POWER!

Okay, I'll come out with it, finally, after all these years: I was desperately disappointed with The Vagina Monologues! I'm only now fessing up and lodging my opinion that the empress Eve Ensler has no new clothes on. In her supposedly ground-breaking play...two hours of dialogue and monologue dedicated (supposedly) to the sexual dimension of a woman's psycho-anatomical makeup...there is not one single mention of menstruation. No period, period.   Oh, there are plenty of other reasons to not embrace TVM (or as Camille Paglia calls it, "the perversion of... read more

Most Recommended Birth Control Options for Moms

What is the best kind of birth control for you?   The answer to this question varies based on your personal family goals and your individual body--but moms who have already made their choice can provide some insights to help you find a solution that works for your life.    We asked the Mothering community to tell us what methods are working for them and here is a breakdown of the three most popular choices.    Natural Family Planning   Natural Family Planning or NFP  is by far the most recommended method of birth control in the Mothering community.   NFP is a... read more

Honoring Our Cycles

By Katie SingerIssue 117, March/April 2003 [Author's note: This article is only an introduction to Fertility Awareness. It does not provide adequate information about using charts to prevent pregnancy. Interested readers should take a class and/or read a comprehensive book, such as Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility. See For More Information at the end of the article.] When Maria Simmons and Eric Hurley (not their real names) first got together, they didn't use birth control. "I thought I knew when I was fertile," Maria says. "I'd heard that the egg leaves... read more

Reconceiving Conception: 5 Likely Suspects in Unexplained Infertility (Part 2)

In part one we touched on such under-considered aspects as environmental toxins, nutrition, and immune issues that can have a negative effect on healthy fertility. (And commenter Anna helpfully added that there has been an association made in animal testing between GMO foods and infertility.) Two other fruitful areas to explore when faced with the dismaying diagnosis of unexplained infertility — or to optimally foster healthy fertility — are frequently overlooked entirely: electromagnetic fields, and the staggering power of our minds to influence our... read more

Reconceiving Conception: 5 Likely Suspects in Unexplained Infertility (Part 1)

Maybe you’ve been trying for a year or more to get pregnant and it’s not happening. Maybe you’ve gotten checked out and been given that frustrating non-diagnosis of medically unexplained infertility. They don’t know what’s wrong. You don’t know what’s wrong. What you do know is that you just want to get pregnant! Once fertility treatment came into its own around twenty years ago, that is where the attention and research money for infertility went. Reproductive medicine has become a major industry — that is to say, the business of getting you pregnant through... read more

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