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My Friend, Reynolds

By Alexandra Kolkmeyer Issue 102, September/October 2000 Our 18-year-old son, Sonny, awoke from his surgery and screamed. "Reynolds," he yelled, his mouth and nose filled with the effects of anesthesia. "Come here!" He didn't call for Mom. He didn't even ask for his favorite person in the world, Dad, who he refers to as Dr. Feelgood, Dad's DJ name. No, he much preferred his best friend, the 105-pound Golden Labrador asleep near the heart monitor. Reynolds ran over to the bed and put his huge head on the mattress to comfort Sonny. After 12 surgeries, we were grateful... read more

Enter to Win from Vaccishield!

This giveaway has ended.  The winners are…(winners will be contacted by email to claim their prizes) Christine We all get lots of exercise/physical activity. I try to make healthy choices for my body and mind and love myself in the hope that my daughters will see that and love themselves, too. Rachel The biggest thing I do to keep my kiddo healthy is to be a good example of healthy habits. Monkey see, monkey do, right? I try to eat right and stay active and since he eats what I eat and comes along with me for all of my activities... read more

The Toxic Truth

The Toxic Truth: How Everyday Products Threaten Healthy PregnanciesWeb ExclusiveBy Erika Schreder and Sharyle Patton07/19/2010 You can follow the stories of women who are chronicling their struggles with toxins in pregnancy and during breastfeeding on our blog: All Things Mothering. July 17, 2012 news update: FDA Bans BPA from Bottles and Sippy CupsAmy Ellings knows a lot about being healthy. In fact, she has worked to teach others about health and nutrition for the past ten years. So when she agreed to have her blood and urine tested for toxic chemicals as part of a... read more

An asthma epidemic and a climate crisis

A few days after our son was born he caught a cold.  His nose was totally stuffed up, and he was wheezing.  I remember sitting anxiously hunched over his bassinet watching him sleep, when I thought he stopped breathing for a second.  I picked him up more abrubtly than I meant to, and, of course, woke him up in the process.  He started wailing.  And that was the second time in my life that tears of relief slipped out of the corners of my eyes at the sound of my baby crying. When I called the pediatrician and told her about this (my third call that day), she told me that... read more

Rise in Ritalin Due to School System and Supernanny-style Parenting

As the mother of a boy prescribed Ritalin, and a counsellor for many in a similar boat, I find the following article offensive and ill-informed.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2141338/Is-lazy-parenting-blame-Britains-addiction-Ritalin.html?ito=feeds-newsxml My opinion: that the vast majority of parents are angst-ridden about using this drug but are encouraged to get a diagnosis by teachers who want their kids to behave better in the classroom, and by society who judges them for having high-energy kids.  Often they try... read more

To Vaccinate or Not- A Tale of Two Choices

When I was pregnant with my first child, I spent most of the pregnancy worried about and trying to plan for a great natural birth.  All the “mothering” stuff after that I just didn’t even think about.  I read one baby book though, the Dr Sears classic, “The Baby Book” and thought briefly about vaccines and delayed vaccinations.  When I talked to my child’s pediatrician though she kind of brushed off the idea of splitting up the schedule and I ended up just going along with everything as recommended by the “experts.” I proceeded obediently according to... read more

Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi

I’ve been dabbling with my next book. It’ll be an ultra-liberal, yogi-parenting memoir. You know, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, planting a tree over my son’s placenta, that sort of thing. As part of this project, I’ve been reading books about cloth diapers, elimination communication, circumcision, vaccines, the family bed, and now, in The Continuum Concept, I’ve learned that we should hold our children with skin-to-skin contact from the moment they are born until they can crawl away. This makes perfect sense to me — I believe it will foster... read more

New Studies Show: Homeopathy Works for Eczema, Ear Infections, and More!

By Amy L. Lansky, PhD (For more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com) The studies that support homeopathy keep pouring in faster and faster these days. When will their results finally penetrate the media bubble? My guess — when they are co-opted as “obvious, we knew it all along” by the allopathic establishment. The Summer 2012 issue of the Homeopathy Today — the National Center for Homeopathy’s fantastic quarterly magazine — contains an excellent article by naturopath and homeopath Christopher Johnson about three new... read more

Recent Ruling on Circumcision Ignites Debate

A German court ruling stating that ”circumcision of young boys represents grievous bodily harm,” is causing worldwide controversy. “A court in Cologne, Germany, recently ruled that parents could not have boys circumcised unless there is an urgent medical need,” reported the New York Times, who has has opened a debate section for discussion on the issue. Five contributors, including John Geisheker of Doctors Opposing Circumcision, have shared their thoughts about whether or not jurisdictions around the world should follow Germany’s example and require... read more

Rub It In! How Applying Sunscreen can Help You Connect with Your Child

Thank you to Linda Storm, Executive Director of Infant Massage USA, for this guest post. Summer is here and you will no doubt find yourself having fun in the sun. With that, you will be spreading on sunscreen and lotions to protect your skin and your child’s skin.* This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child, deepen your relationship, and make wonderful memories through nurturing touch. We never outgrow the need for touch; however, as our children grow we don’t have as many opportunities to touch them as we did when they were babies. The... read more

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