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Crossing Tracks

Crossing Tracks with Skater Boy By Amber J. KeyserWeb Exclusive - February 11, 2008  Snow fell softly. I was cross-country skiing on the Virginia Meissner Trail at Mt. Bachelor, one of North America's premier skiing destinations. Gliding along in a steady rhythm, I was elated, gleeful even, and very peaceful because my two-year-old daughter was fast asleep in the sled I pulled behind me. Other skiers passed me and smiled at my dozing, bundled girl, only her eyes and nose exposed. "That's a helluva way to ride," said one, perhaps impressed that my idea of extreme sport... read more

Family Homeopathy

Family Homeopathy: Six Essential Remedies by Katharina Sandizell  Sept 27, 2011 When I had my first child, I remember feeling overwhelmed, scared, incredibly joyful, and excited.  I was also relieved to have some homeopathic remedies on hand if I felt that something was amiss.  Right after the baby was born, I began hemorrhaging and quickly took a strong dose of Arnica.  The bleeding stopped almost immediately and I thanked the miracle of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a 250-year-old system of natural medicine in which tiny amounts of organic substances are given... read more

Saying yes to your dream: Frank Gehry + devotion.

Even great artists sell out. Sometimes it happens post fame and fortune. Other times, as in the case of architect Frank Gehry, you sell your soul in the beginning of your career, on what you hope is your way up. It’s better to sell out early, if only because time is merciful and you can blame so much on youth and learning curves. You have time to recover and re-invent. It’s exceedingly harder to redeem yourself once you’ve let your hit song be used for a burger commercial, or you’ve turned your personal touch into a factory franchise. So for all of you... read more

The Homeopathic Approach to Epidemics

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD (for more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com) While the homeopathic treatment of disease is almost always an individualized process, it is fortunate that the treatment of epidemics is usually more straightforward and streamlined. Indeed, it is the success of homeopathy in treating epidemics that led to its popularity and spread worldwide during the 1800s. In essence, the strategy is to treat each epidemic as a single case of disease. This is possible because most people who fall prey to an epidemic tend to... read more

3 simple questions to simplify success

1. What do you do (that gives you joy, because why bother if it doesn’t bring you joy)? 2. Who cares about what you do? 3. How do you get to who cares? That’s it – three essential, monumental questions for every entrepreneur. Whether you’re a hairstylist or a blogger, a lawyer or a widget seller, it’s the simplest questions that will illuminate the way. I’ve been using this inquiry strategy for years to build businesses and it never fails to light up what the top priorities are. Like most simple things, you have to examine each question from... read more

Mother Wit

By Tanika E. Simpson Issue 126, September/October 2004 When I hear such phrases as "follow your instinct" or "go with your gut," I am reminded of many times in grade school when, taking a test, I would change my first answer to a question" only to learn later that my first choice had been correct. My frustration at having been right the first time was almost crippling.  I would beat myself up for days, wondering why I hadn't let my first answer stand and "gone with my gut." I have since graduated into full-fledged adulthood, which, let's face it, is like one big pop... read more

Conferences inspire parents toward holistic health

Even as online forums, email lists, and blogs have become great resources for sharing knowledge about parenting and all things health-related, there’s something special about going to a conference. For holistic-minded parents, that’s especially true of a huge nutrition conference like Wise Traditions, put on annually in November by the Weston A. Price Foundation, and the smaller Fourfold Path to Healing conference coming to Baltimore next weekend. When I attended the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions conference in 2007– on the topic of Radiant... read more

Qualified requests: the formula for authentic askin'.

Just ask. Ask and It Is Given. Ask and you shall receive. Good things come to those who…ask. Agreed. Emphatically. Ask and keep asking. Ask the universe, your boss, your crush, bank manager, bus driver, car salesman…ask for what you want and keep on asking. But if you want to increase your odds of receptivity, you’ve got to go about it with some style, darling. The formula for stylin’ askin’ gets down to this: sincerity + brevity = intelligence. My Malcolm Gladwell Ask For my first book I wanted the best literary agent in the business. So I... read more

Bad Hair Month

By Deborah Lytton Web Exclusive, July 24, 2006 During my pregnancy with my first child, I wasn't one of those women with issues about her changing body. I embraced my new self, I gloried in it. I marveled at my growing roundness, my hands lightly stroking the child growing within me. I loved my thicker hair, longer nails, softer skin. I teetered around town with my beach ball belly peeking out from under tight tank tops, over low slung jeans. On the day I gave birth, I looked more beautiful than on my wedding day. After 24 hours without sleep or food, I positively... read more

I Watch My Daughter

By Amy Costales Issue 133, November/December 2005 I watch my daughter. Siempre la he mirado. (I have always watched her.) Since the morning the nurse held a mirror between my splayed legs so I could get teasing, myopic glimpses of her fuzzy black hair, I have been straining to see her. For six weeks after her birth I held her to the light and stared into her black eyes, until I finally saw the emerging blue I had dreamt of my whole pregnancy. And then it just never stopped. I watched and waited for teeth, first steps, the darkening of skin, the disappearance of the... read more

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