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Taking care of others is a full-time job. Here's the help you need to make it easier.


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Celebrating Our Bodies

Celebrating Our Glorious Goddess Bodies By Janet Lucy "Mommy, do you ever think about being thinner?" my ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, asked from the back seat of the car one morning on our way to school. Once I got past my initial thought that perhaps she was suggesting that I should lose some weight, I realized that I had been given a golden opportunity, plus a literally captive audience in my car. This is the main reason I don't mind the fifteen-minute drive to and from school each day: some of our best conversations happen in my red Toyota. For the last six months... read more

Beat The Blues

If you’re feeling depressed, take a look at your life and don't be afraid to make changes to routines. Your diet can be a big factor, make sure you’re getting enough B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Vitamin C, D, and zinc are also important. Pure, toxin-free fish oil can help keep your spirits up as well.  Have a cup of lemon balm tea with honey and a slice of fresh lemon in the morning upon arising. After you dress, put some essential oil on your hair or the collar of your shirt. Choose rose, ylang ylang, jasmine or neroli. As you prepare lunch, ... read more

Waiting: a story of facing childhood cancer

Two beautiful ladies: Kat and Lexi Update: I am very sad to report that little Lexi passed away from leukemia on Feb 10th at the age of 3. The family requests that donations be made to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara in lieu of flowers. Thank you to Jessica Mireles for contributing this article. This work was originally posted on Jessica’s blog–check it out at Allegro non tanto. My friend Kat is waiting. She waits while she puts the dirty laundry into the washing machine, she waits while she scrubs the kitchen sink,... read more

The #1 rule for success, and the greatest pearl of wisdom I can offer you (seriously.)

In one form or another, I’ve been asked this question a few hundred times: What’s the secret to success? Variations: What’s the single most important thing you’ve learned on your journey? What’s your key piece of advice for meaningful livelihood? What’s the greatest cause of failure? How do we overcome fear? What’s your pearl of wisdom for getting unstuck? Here it is. You heard it here first, lovahs. The secret to success: Do what you say you’re going to do. No need to read any further really. If we... read more

Life as a Deaf Mother

By Dawn Colclasure Issue 123, March/April 2004 When I learned I was pregnant, I was filled with joy: Finally, I was going to be a mother. Yet it wasn’t long before the joy was replaced by a pervading fear as I was forced to ask myself: How will I manage being a mother if I can’t hear anything? Some deaf parents-to-be are lucky—they live with someone who can hear. In some families, only one parent is deaf; having a partner who can hear gives the deaf parent the peace of mind of knowing they won’t miss out on anything, such as the baby waking up in the... read more

Bear Claw Mama

By Tracy Abell Issue 91, November/December 1998 What would compel a woman to attempt yoga while in the same room with a toddler? I was motivated after treating myself to a total body massage and learning that in the massage therapist's recent experience, the only body more tightly wound than my own had been that of a person confined to a wheelchair. The sad truth was that my body was taut in all the wrong places. And what was not taut was slack. In all the wrong places. For instance, I had finally faced the realization that not only had I given birth to a beautiful son... read more

Remedies for Earaches

By Peggy O'Mara and Jane McConnell Earaches are the number one cause of pediatric visits. Fluid can easily build up in a child's tiny middle ear, creating pressure on the eardrum and causing intense pain. Most ear infections are painful but not serious. If your child experiences more than two ear infections a year, you should look for underlying causes. There are several reasons why fluid might build up in the middle ear. They include: Allergy. Many studies have suggested a link between food intolerance and middle ear problems. One study tested 104 children with... read more

20 Homeopathic Remedies That Every Home Should Not Be Without

By Amy L. Lansky, PhD (For more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com.) If you are interested in trying out homeopathy for your  family, I recommend the twenty remedies listed below as an excellent start for your home remedy kit.  The 30c potency is the probably the best all-purpose potency to buy initially. You can find all of these remedies in any health food store. Many online homeopathic pharmacies also offer cost-effective starter kits. Visit the web site of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)—... read more

Refuse to worry (and how to be more useful for your friends)

Some precious people in my life are in extreme pain right now. Three friends are sorting through the natural disaster that breaking up brings on. And after a traumatic and poignantly one-in-a-million accident, one of my beloveds is literally patching together a new body and life. I cry with them in cafes and on the phone. I write letters I know they’re too weary to respond to. I think about them throughout every day. I ache, actively. Concerned. But I do not worry for them. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Refuse to. Not because I trust in an benevolent universe to... read more

Scents of Childhood

By Laurie Chance SmithWeb Exclusive - June 27, 2008 My five-year-old son Joshua was crying inconsolably, his look-mom-no-hands bike ride interrupted by a jolting wasp sting. Slinging Joshua onto my hip, I headed to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a blended bottle of lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) massage oil. With one drop of this miracle-working oil on the sting, Joshua's tear-streaked face transformed. Not only did the lavender's analgesic qualities deaden the pain on his arm, its spring-blossom smell calmed his anxiety. Aromatherapy is a form of natural... read more

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