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The possible meaning of fleeting feelings

“So we were getting it on, like, fully, when I realized that he was…wearing his socks,” my girlfriend recounted to me. We gave each other a united ewwww grimace. “And that was it. I knew I was done.” She left him because he left on his socks. And she told him that. I can’t be with you. You make love with your socks on. I’m leaving. It’s all the reason I need. Of course, that’s not the only reason she left. And she did him the service of filling in a few blanks. Insight may come in a flash, but it’s the result of accumulated... read more

The Risk of Radiation

The Risk of Radiation: Cell Phone Use and Children By John Briley   Here's a question: How many times have you handed your cell phone to your child to say hi to your partner, make a call, or play a game? How often would you have made that hand-off if you knew that passing your child a cell phone was, effectively, similar to giving him or her a lit cigarette and saying, "Here, take a drag"? An increasing body of evidence suggests that cell phone use—specifically the radiation from the radiofrequency waves cell phones emit—is raising our risk of brain tumors.... read more

How to resist success

I had just landed a quarter million dollar book deal with a major publisher, received a standing ovation at my speaking gig that weekend, and was flying home from New York with a new little Donna Karan number in my suitcase. Life was suh-weet in most every way. So naturally, I started obsessing about… earthquakes. Time to stock up on canned goods. Is my son’s school quake-proof? Can anything be quake proof? After I came up with a water storage plan, I started meditating on the end of the Mayan Calendar in late 2012. At least I’ll get in one bestseller... read more

Baby Anaya

There are certain bridges in life that we walk alone. We take each step with full knowledge that we are loved, comforted, and will be met with hugs and kisses when we reach out destination, but the journey is we walk with only Spirit. I experienced this twice: during the labor of my first and second child. As I reached transition, right before it’s time to push, I became aware that there were people all around me (with my first birth, second was unassisted at home), but that I was in a spiritually standing on a path faced with putting one foot in front of... read more

Why you’re privileged: perspective from the dark side

If you’re reading this, the highest probability is that you are living in the western world, above the poverty line, in a democratic environment. Your heart may be broken, you may not have enough money to get to the end of the week, you may be fighting for your life. But by many accounts – you are extremely fortunate. By many accounts, you and I have every advantage to be happy, healthy, and deeply fulfilled. Somewhere else… : Are you gay? If you’re found out, you will get jail time. : If you were unfaithful to your spouse, you... read more

Proponents of traditional diets rally for raw milk and plan Wise Traditions conference

Last week, a group of mothers committed to the right to serve their children healthful food staged a rally outside the headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration near Washington, D.C. A crowd of 150 gathered to support a group of “raw milk freedom riders” who transported raw milk illegally over state lines from a farm in Pennsylvania to Silver Spring, Maryland and then drank it and distributed it. With cookies. The main thrust of the November 1 event organized by the Farm Food Freedom Coalition was to call attention to the ban on the interstate sale of... read more

Loving your doubts: alert, humble and hungry.

“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.” – Robert Hughes, art critic I’m counting on this perspective from Robert Hughes. I counted on it when I delivered my manuscript to Random House/Crown. I counted on it when I forged a new deal with a fancy speaker’s agency. I counted on it when I flew into New York for a sold-out event, with expectations running higher-than-high. I had a dream… that it was spring of 2012 and my book was fresh off the press. I’m sitting... read more

When A Child Dies: Living With Loss, Healing With Hope

When A Child Dies: Living With Loss, Healing With Hope By Terra Trevor Sept 28, 2011 Following my 15-year-old son’s death, my plans for parenthood sat like scenery on an empty stage. I needed to come up with a new life for myself. But how could I choose a destiny when I couldn’t even buy a new sweater without exchanging it twice before deciding on a color and the right fit. I was starting my life over from scratch, and I was terrified of making decisions, even little ones. I didn’t think I would ever care about anything ever again. My mind felt glued shut, and my heart... read more

You are certifiably INSPIRED

Wafty. Lofty. Airy. Amorphous. INSPIRATION. A quick breath. Teary. Racing heart. Power punched! INSPIRATION. I wanna do THAT! Gotta get ME some of that! Gonna get, give, live, be…MORE! You are certifiably INSPIRED. Now what? How do you turn that fire into fuel that moves you forward, deeper, higher? You analyze it. You inhale and exhale all that romance until you know exactly WHY IT TURNS YOU ON. “How come you need to know why something inspires you?” a creative partner asked me once. “Isn’t it enough to just be inspired, do you... read more

The Gift Of Renewal

By Paige Polcene-MarkinWeb Exclusive We are mothers. We breastfeed our babies and bake their birthday cakes. We coach piano practice and soccer practice. We kiss the hurts and wipe the tears. We are daughters. We buy groceries and fill prescriptions. We bring the meals and rent books on tape. We give back what was given to us. We are women. We plan board meetings and bake sales. We write grocery lists and letters to the editor. We teach the future. In Gifts from the Sea , Anne Morrow Lindbergh writes, "Eternally, woman spills herself away in driblets to the thirsty,... read more

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