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Taking care of others is a full-time job. Here's the help you need to make it easier.


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Interview with Peggy O'Mara at Natural Products Expo West

March 15, 2011 Hyland's Digital Media Lab interviews Mothering Publisher and Editor Peggy O'Mara at Natural Products Expo West. Peggy talks about the history of Mothering and shares some advice for parents.   read more

Woo Me Wednesday: Lingerie Meant for Mamas and More

Hi, Mamas. How do you do it? Have small kids and preserve your sex life with your partner? I have to say that sharing custody with my children’s dad has taken that question out of my reality for the last few years. But right now, he’s away for two months, and I’m the full-time parent, 24-7. I remember how hard it was to feel sexy, act on sexy feelings, or even tap into that energy when an interruption was very likely. I honestly think that a regular sex life erodes the kinds of resentments and moments of fuming that can pile up when all you do is wrangle... read more

Viparita Karani

Did everyone have a nice Valentine’s Day? It’s one of my favorite holidays. Warm and fuzzy. Ron and I are on vacation in California. We debated celebrating Valentine’s Day at the restaurant where he proposed, but when we learned it was only serving an expensive 5-course menu, we opted for our favorite seafood joint instead. A super casual place along the ocean. We brought out own candles and wine and set everything up at a picnic table. We weren’t the only ones with the idea. Some couples brought flowers, table clothes, and champagne. One couple handed out... read more

Mama Monday: Loving the One You're With (You)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mamas! by Nattu from www.delivr.net (e-cards) Whether you’ve always loved Valentine’s Day or feel it’s a faux holiday not worth noticing (my feelings are mixed with a side of hopeless romantic), the fact remains that any excuse to express love to your nearest and dearest is worth running with. And you don’t have to spend a cent! Laura Egley Taylor’s Mothering blog has been featuring truly lovely Valentines crafts to make with your kiddos, and Scott Noelle (I subscribe to his daily newsletter on parenting) has an easy... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Common Herbs for Children

Here are some common herbs and their health benefits for children: Aloe vera: heals burns and wounds (used externally). Arnica: good for bumps and bruises (used externally). Astragalus: builds strengthens the immune system. Calendula: soothes skin irritations, burns, diaper rash (used externally). California poppy: calming; used in children's nighttime formulas. Catnip: calming, digestive aid; used for colic, sleeplessness,minor fevers. Chamomile: a digestive aid and calming agent. Comfrey: good for skin irritations, inflammations (should not be ... read more

The Natural First Aid Kit

Here are some good treatments to have on hand for general first aid care: Arnica. Used for bruises, sprains, and sore muscles, this remedy is available in a cream or ointment, or can be given as a compress (apply a clean cloth soaked in a solution of one tablespoon of arnica tincture in one pint of water to the sore area). Homeopathic arnica can be given internally. Tiger Balm. To treat muscle cramps and headaches, rub this salve on the affected muscle or temples, avoiding the eyes. Calendula. This herbal remedy is anti-inflammatory,... read more

Forgiveness, freedom, and getting on with it

“…holding no prisoner to guilt, we become free.” - The Course In Miracles Someone asked me this week, “Have you forgiven so and so for such and such?” And I did the puppy head tilt, “Huh?” This question throws me for a loop. “Well…I don’t really feel like it’s my place to forgive them,” I replied. It’s not that I condone bad behavior, it’s not that my heart doesn’t get pinched, and it’s not that I forget – ’cause I’m not the forgettin’ type, that’s for sure. But there’s something about “forgiveness” that seems, okay, forgive me,... read more

Not Enough Words for "Friend," guest post by Kathleen Wilker

Not Enough Words for “Friend” by Kathleen Wilker I’m from Canada. Up here, we’ve all heard that the indigenous people in the far North of our country, the Inuit, have hundreds of words for snow. Because snow is so important in their culture, they need to distinguish between hard-packed snow, fresh snow, snow in a blizzard and light snow, to name just a few possibilities. When your lives depend on something, you name it carefully and in great detail. There are not enough words for friend in the English language. We can say friend, best friend,... read more

The Eight Lucky Winners Are ... Plus News From Around the Net

Thanks again to all the readers who participated in the first (and perhaps only) giveaway on Mothering Outside the Lines. Winners were chosen at random by Random.org. The five lucky winners are: Val, who gets a signed copy of the Baby Bonding Book for Dads. Rachel, who gets the wool diaper cover. Eve, who also wins a signed copy of The Baby Bonding Book for Dads. Casey, who wins the Doubleday cookbook. and Clarissa, who also wins a signed copy of the Baby Bonding Book for Dads (this seems to be a popular item among our... read more

Eat Your Age in Salad

“You guys aren’t really into salad, are you?” My cousin looked dismayed. She was going to Hampshire College and we were living in South Hadley. She loved coming over for dinner but was disappointed by the lack of raw greens. It’s not that I didn’t like salad back then. I did. I just hated making salads. It felt like it took forever to wash the spinach, dry the spinach, tear the spinach up … crinkle the spinach, shake the spinach, dance with the spinach, and do all the other things you’re supposed to do to the spinach. And that was just for the spinach. Then... read more

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