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Waiting for Spring

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter I’m cold.  Huddled here in my office with 3 layers, down slippers and a sheepskin mat under my feet, feeling the chill through my bones. Yet, these are the first days of Spring, or at least traditionally it has been celebrated as such within the Celtic calendar. And February 2nd, of course, is our modern equivalent – Groundhog day.   Whether you’re still buried in snow, or seeing the first signs of spring (we found a crocus today!), here are a few musings on this ancient... read more

Cleanse your worry. Wish precisely.

WORRY vs. CONCERN Energetically, there is a critical difference. worry: to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret. concern: to relate to; be connected with; be of interest or importance to; affect. Worry obstructs possibility. Concern is pro-active. Worry weighs things down. Concern can rise to the occasion. Worry is wistful. Concern is penetrating. Worry tangles. Concern peels back the layers. Worry gossips. Concern enrolls. Worry is the conjoined twin of anxiety. Of course concern can be... read more

Feeding Your Children Part IV: Affirmations

Welcome to Feeding Your Children Part IV. To read I, II & III, click here. Now it is time to write out statements of clear intention for what you would like your children’s relationship to be with regards to food. For example: May my child have food when she is hungry. May my child understand where food comes from. May my child eat a balanced diet filled with fresh, organic and healthy foods. May my child be inventive in the kitchen and create meals with joy. May my child enjoy cooking, eating and feasting with friends,... read more

Grief And Loss Resources

This resource list intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links dealing with grief and loss.  MDC Discussion Threads Remembering Our Loved Ones: A Memorial Mothering Articles The Art of Grieving Gracefully It Won't Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma  Raging Grief The Life and Death of a Hurricane Grief Tea Accepting the Gift: Grief and Loss His Way  My Mother, Myself Charlotte's Grace (stillbirth) My Morning Glory (neonatal death) Helpful Website... read more

To My Husband: I'm Leaving You For Another Woman

“What’s wrong, Mommy?” “Haley, I struggle with the same thing that your coaches do.” She immediately stopped crying. “Are you coming out to me, Mom?” I said, “Haley, you’ve teased me for years about being a lesbian.” At that moment, Taylor walked in. “Mom’s coming out to me,” Haley said. “I need some therapy.” Because I am a therapist, this was a common joke between the kids when something heavy needed some lightness. Taylor’s eyes flew wide open. “What?” “Haley’s hockey coaches are closeted lesbians, and I... read more

People are where they are

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” - Winnie the Pooh She has a tendency to panic. Makes it hard to trust her. He is chronically greedy. Grew up dirt poor. Money is everything. She is a channel of pure wisdom, a naturally gifted seer. He is a genius, able to connect vast intellectual concepts. She is fragile, new, and green to the concept of cause and affect. He is angry, wounded, perpetually antagonistic. People are where they are —... read more

Lipgloss, lookin' fine + "sparkle determination"

June Cleaver was a doormat. I’m a door-slammer. But we have one thing in common: we both believe that you should dress for your man. I’ve never met my guy at the door in something lacy (but it’s on my to-do list.) I don’t own a pair of foofoo slippers. And ever since my boobs went south after breastfeeding, I had to retire my glittery tube tops. But…I’m no slob either. European women have us pinned to the mat in the “make an effort” category. They make North American women look like…slobs in Crocs and ponytails and sweatpants. I think that... read more

Podcast Episode 2: An Interview With Dr. Andrew Wakefield

In episode 2 of the Mothering podcast Mothering Editor and Publisher Peggy O’Mara interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield; coauthor of a 1998 study that suggested a link between Crohn’s Disease and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine in some children. He has been accused of incorrectly linking the MMR vaccine with autism. In this special interview, Wakefield discusses the current controversy surrounding his research. Subscribe to the Mothering podcast. See the associated resource page for this episode. Download the Mothering Interview With... read more

Guest Post: Does Your Child Have This Allergy?

“The. Sign. Says. No. Food,” a middle aged woman said through clenched teeth to my friend Pam and me. Pam and I looked at each other, slightly amused. We were with our kids in Northhampton, at the water park inside Look Park. The sign did say no food but our preschoolers were about to have blood sugar crashes and, besides, no one ever paid attention to the sign. “My nephew has a peanut allergy,” the woman continued. “If someone eats a peanut butter sandwich near him, he could go into anaphylactic shock.” An allergy to peanuts is no laughing... read more

Backpack Homeopathy

| By Bonnie Price Lofton When you send children to college, you can be sure you’ll hear from them on at least two occasions: when they’re broke, and when they’re really sick. I could handle these crises by telephone when my 19-year-old daughter, Allison, was only halfway across the US , but this summer she’s heading halfway around the world-to India , on a study-abroad program. Suddenly we’re talking about clean drinking water, money belts, and what medicines to take. Allison has been treated with homeopathy since she was eight. But knowing I was... read more

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