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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Issue 137 July/August 2006 The recent environmental, cultural, and political upheavals around the globe remind us of the fragility and volatility of Mother Earth and of how intrinsically bound we all are to the past, the present, and what we decide to make of the future. Music is often a barometer of the spirit of humankind and of how we are dealing with these trials and tribulations. Here are some reflections on music from some of these places and some thoughts on how music continues to offer hope during these times of great challenge. The Indian Ocean Tsunami On... read more

How To Apologize

An article I wrote awhile back (titled “Sorry? Only Say It If You Mean It”) elicited some good thinking and rambling. Like this from White Hot Truth reader, “S”, who said: “… A sister has stopped speaking to me ‘unless I apologize.’ I could say I’m sorry just to have her back in my life and to soothe things over, but it would be a sell-out. It has been her pattern to “create” victimhood in her life, giving her a reason to always be angry. I am breaking my lifelong habit of enabling her.” “I demand an apology!” If you have to demand it, is it... read more

Storytelling Moves the Trauma Along

Don't Mess With A Martial Artist This morning my kids brought me the fairytale game and asked me to tell them a story. The game has a spinner and directions, but we never follow them. We use the raw material in the game: four backdrops and a handful of characters & magical items, and make up our own stories. I knew the story I was going to tell before I even started. As I began speaking, I second guessed myself; should I really do this? But, something bigger than my doubt urged me on. Very recently, we experienced a life-threatening... read more

Vitamin And Supplement Cheat Sheet

A place to pool our knowledge and wisdom about supping vitamins and minerals, especially for reactive LO's and nursing mamas.  This is by no means a complete list, just the specialized stuff we've been most interested in in the allergies forum.   And some helpful threads: Supplements - biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, folate .... ??? Hiding supplements and dense nutrition in foods     Vitamins: Vitamin A primary food sources - Liver, egg yolks, butter.  Beta Carotene in orange/yellow plant foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, etc) isn't converted... read more

A Room Of Your Own

In a way, meditation is like having a room of your own. It’s a way to focus on your inner world and let the outer world go by. The focused calm that you gain through meditation can help you to handle the physical changes of pregnancy, the powerful experience of labor and birth, and the demanding early time with your new baby. Like many people with busy schedules, you may have difficulty finding the time to meditate. Designate a special place for meditation that’s uncluttered and quiet - a place where you can sit comfortably with your back straight. Choose a... read more

What Failures Are You Grateful For?

Success and failure go hand in hand. “The things you are fired for are often the things that in later life you will be celebrated and given life time achievement awards for!” Francis Ford Coppola was canned for writing an “odd” and awkward script for the now legendary film Patton. The film was shelved, took years to make, and then went on to win an Oscar for best screenplay. Meanwhile, Coppola was working on The Godfather and was also on the verge of being canned from that film. He figures the glory from the Oscar saved his butt from being fired from The... read more

All About Choline

A place to collect all things related to choline, so they don't get lost in the allergies forum    Interesting article on choline and SNPs that affect how much we need and choline and methylation and all sorts of interesting stuff: Choline: An Essential Nutrient for Public Health   Some related/referenced articles:   Common genetic polymorphisms affect the human requirement for the nutrient choline Genetic variation of folate-mediated one-carbon transfer pathway predicts susceptibility to choline deficiency in humans Gene Response Elements, Genetic... read more

Trying To Conceive After A Loss Resources

Resources for TTCAL       Welcome! This is the place to start if you're new to TTC After Loss or just looking for some frequently-referenced resources! This wiki is a work-in-progress driven by content suggested by members. So, please, feel free to edit me with your links, information, blogs, favorite threads, etc. that should be included. If you were a new member, just coming to this forum to get started, what do you want to know? Where would you send a newbie to get started? What threads do you constantly reference when looking for inspiration,... read more

Stupid Advice Your Doctor Gave You ... and what you learned from it

  Photo by Jennifer Margulis “When my baby turned one, my doctor told me to feed her ice cream every night, because she was measuring small for her age. It was my first child and I didn’t know better. No wonder she doesn’t like carrots. I was just clueless. Clueless. Thankfully when #2 and #3 came along I chose to listen to my doctors more selectively.” —K., mother of three in Solon, Ohio. “An hour after our first baby was born the nurse tried to give her a Hepatitis B vaccine. I didn’t understand why we would vaccinate for a sexually transmitted... read more

You Can't Haggle With Authenticity

One of my most pleasant, in fact, euphoric, car-buying experiences was at a dealership in Virginia. They had a “no haggle” policy. “So let me get this straight,” I said, leaning against the shiny Jetta. “THIS sticker price is THE price?” “Uh huh,” said Mr. Sales Guy. “Can you throw in new tires?” I pressed. “Nope, this is the price.” “You gonna hit me with some hidden costs?” I prodded. “Nope, this is the price.” “Do you think I can get it it cheaper at the lot down the road?” I asked, eyebrow raised. “Maybe, but... read more

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