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phantom limbo

I keep forgetting that my laptop—the MacBook Pro I got just last March, the one which abruptly stopped being able to recognize its own hard drive two weeks ago—is not here. I keep thinking—usually late at night or early in the morning—that I’ll work on a layout or blog post or will email somebody or download photos,* only to reach for the laptop, and . . . I had not realized how much a part of my daily life that laptop normally is—my portal to the outside world. So I’m feeling alternately crippled (delegated to the world of IRL) and tied to the office (i.e.... read more

Are You Willing To Be Toast?: Authentic Transformation

“Authentic transformation is…not a matter of translating the world but of transforming the world; not a matter of finding solace but of finding infinity on the other side of death. The self is not made content; the self is made toast.” - Ken Wilber There have been a few ideas that rocked my world. Krishnamurit’s opinion of discipline {it’ll only stifle your true nature,} the possibility that Jim Morrison might still be alive {I believe, I believe!} and Ken Wilber’s description of authentic transformation. For much of our lives, we naturally dabble... read more

Time for Mama

  We’re on day #10 of the Back to Self 30 day Challenge! If you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late – simply “Like” our facebook page and join in the fun. Today’s challenge?   It’s Mama Time. No kids, no chores, no work. Your goal: Schedule a 3 hour retreat for yourself within the next week. It must be scheduled, or it likely won’t happen! What will you do? by Chantey Dayal “The artist knows he must be alone to create; the writer to work out his thoughts; the musician to compose; the... read more

when production deadline exhaustion meets ADHD Month

# Mel (a.k.a coworker and fellow production person Melyssa Holik): . . . and then do that with them; so what do you think? Laura: I’m sorry Mel; I just blitzed out. . . . Could you say that again? Mel: Oh, that’s OK. — Sorry, let me finish this Pringle. — It is ADHD Month, you know. Ha! I was just thinking how Pringles can look like ducks’ beaks if you try to talk with one hanging out of your mouth. . . .  So what did you need? Laura: Sorry, let me just finish this email to. . . Um. . . so. . . what? Mel: What did you... read more

Full... or busy? You Choose.

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter We’re one week into the Back to Self 30 day Challenge! If you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late – simply “Like” our facebook page and join in the fun. Yesterday I boldly declared: This week we’re going to find the time, create the time, make the time… Will you join us? But I don’t have time. You don’t know how busy I am. There are so many things on my to do list. I don’t have childcare. But I just had a baby. Not this week but... read more

Back to Self Week #2: Spirit

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter Daydream, by Chantey Dayal We’re one week into the Back to Self 30 day Challenge!   If you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late – simply “Like” our facebook page and join in the fun. While I hadn’t planned on doing theme weeks, our first week of the challenge seemed to focus on physical self-care. This emerged in part due to my need to care for myself during a miserable cold.  It also, however, is the aspect of self-care that is the most obvious.  ... read more

The World of Mendhi

Related Articles:Sidebar: Mixing and Applying Mendhi The Enchanting World of Mendhi: Body Decor that Delights By Claudia Kousoulas Issue 108, September/October 2001 We drink espresso, eat sushi, listen to reggae, and wear batik. So it was only a matter of time before world culture came to cosmetics. Mehndi, the ancient Indian and African art of painting the body with henna, is fun, safe, and a more personal form of expression than a smear of blue eye shadow ever could be. It has reemerged from the mists of time, valued today for its natural qualities and spiritual... read more

Why Baby Gorillas Don't Need Ritalin

By Eda LeShan Recently I visited The Congo, a very special nursery at the Bronx Zoo that is home to four two-year-old baby gorillas. They were surrounded by two gentle, attentive mothers and one very large father. All four of the babies rushed toward the place where I sat, gazing at me with great big black eyes. I decided they must know I'd once been a nursery school teacher, because they wanted my attention and were showing off, romping, teasing, and playing games with each other. And after dashing around, bumping into each other, they would come back to watch... read more

Just Listen

I’ve been sick. Sick enough that I stumbled over to my neighbors door 2 days ago wearing a full balaclava over my head, a big scarf around my neck, and a sign with the following words scrawled in red ink: Please Call School – Need Rick Home – Doctor Now This, after a 5 minute episode in which I enjoyed (not) a croup-like episode alone in the house gasping for breath & certain I was going to die. Lucky for me my husband showed up from school drop-off just moments later and whisked me off, not to the doctor but to the Emergency Room. Apparently... read more

Stop Doing List: Part 2 (Whereby I Dictate What To Stop)

My What’s Your Stop Doing List? yielded some cheers. And multiple poetic replies. So poetic that it raised my brow. My right eyebrow arches when I’m being scrutinizing in that really helpful keener (potentially annoying) way. All of the psycho-emotional lovely answers that poured in here and on Twitter and Facebook had me surmise that when it comes to literal to-do’s that should be converted into to-don’ts, we habitually resist. My poll was partly a bust. So I’m flagging the STOP SIGN. Because I want you to free up oodles of time to groove with the Great... read more

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