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Time to Go Back to Self!

It’s fall, and there is that crisp, fresh, anything is possible feeling in the air.  Fall feels like a commitment to me – a threshold – a time when I feel an immense freedom and sense of choice. At the same time I’ve just emerged from a busy summer full of health challenges.  The back to school transition has been smooth, but still a big adjustment as we learn all over again how to do the routine.  We still have a mountain of zucchini to preserve and haven’t even touched the apples yet.  My work to-do list is daunting at best. Even with the new hours of... read more

Newborn in Hospital Circumcised Without Parents’ Consent

Sept 17, 2010 From the Mothering.com blog of Contributing Editor Jennifer Margulis, Sept 17, 2010 Newborn in the Hospital Circumcised Without his Parents’ Consent read more

What's On Your Stop Doing List?

Earlier this year, I mapped out my creativity intentions for 2010. (I prefer not to use the word “plan” – seems so flat. “Intentions” feels fused with both direction and moxy.) Much is swirling in my DNA. Three new books…maybe five. Concepts with roots. Roots growing concepts. Streams of coin, streams of giving… And white space. Mostly white space – can never seem to get enough of it. If I’m to realize my intentions, what I stop doing is just as important as what I start and continue to do. Stopping = the white space. Stopping = room to run free and create... read more

Healthy Meal Alternatives

Hi I have a 4.5 year old who is a fairly picky eater but what bothers me more is that he never really shows an interest in eating (except for dessert). For example, today he had a piece of cinnamon toast with butter then refused anything until dinner when he had an organic hot dog (one of the only proteins he eats), broccoli and cherry tomatoes. The problem is that dinner wasn't until 6:30. He melted down at karate and wouldn't even participate. Of course not, he had nothing to carry him through. I am wondering if there is a healthy shake or something I can give him in... read more

Strokes of Genius, Blog Edition

It’s part of my job to test products (I won’t lie–I love it), and I realized that I want to bring my personal favorites into the blog more, because I want to share this unique exposure with you. I could never possibly fit it all into my two magazine pages every two months, and yet I walk around each day, making choices about what to eat, wear, buy, give as a gift, plain old use, that are informed by my direct experiences with the products that land on my desk (and some that I just encounter in life). These blog entries won’t be themed as a rule, but this one... read more

some days. . .

You take what you can get. Tags: today, white board, whiteboard, yucky day This entry was posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 6:19 pm and is filed under living, Mothering office. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed.     read more

Confessions of a Nitpicker

by Christine SchoeferIssue 92, January - February 1999 Nothing prepared me for my first encounter with a live louse--not the big cockroach battalions invading the shared kitchens of my student days, not the fleas leaping from cat to carpet, not even the "Lice Alert" notice from my daughter's school. One morning during the routine act of tethering my six year old's willful hair into braids, I noticed a dark fleck scurrying among her tresses. I had never seen a head louse before, but I knew that this tiny insect could be nothing else. There is something so repulsive about... read more

Super hero syndrome + the practical response to crazy ambition

or, “How to Accomplish Great Big Stuff in a Short Amount of Time” Technically speaking I created THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS in under twelve weeks. The holy spirit of digital love and audacity entered my soul and MacBook Pro and said: GO FORTH AND CRANK IT, LAPORTE! Maybe it’s Catholic residue, but I felt called. So I set an impossible deadline for myself and I declared that the e-book was done — that it actually existed somewhere on the cosmos already, and all I needed to do was pull it down from the ether into pixel form. I was crazy. Ca-ra-zee. It’s a... read more

Multi-tasking Mama

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter First week of school and I feel a little bit like this: “He threw himself on his horse and rode off in all directions.” - Don Quixote I know….just two weeks ago I wrote about how much I was looking forward to the ritual and rhythm of school.  Still true, do not consider this a reconsideration of my declaration. However…we’re short a pair of rain pants, my older son’s boots are too small, I have a very long To Do list, I’ve got a rehearsal tonight for the... read more

Healthy, Fun Snacks for Kids

My daughter's preschool requests that parents take turns providing a community snack each day. I want to provide something nourishing, but also fun, so that all of the kids enjoy the snack. What are the best foods to give children, ages 3-5, during mid-morning? What are the foods to stay away from? How can I make snack-time both fun and healthy? Thank you!I appreciate your question particularly since I am the mother of a 5 year old and have given a lot of thought to nourishing snack ideas that preschoolers will enjoy.In my experience, I have found that preschool children... read more

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