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President Obama: Secure your legacy by protecting our children's future and tackling climate change.

Dear President Obama,   This has been a good week for you, politically-speaking.    But it's also been a devastating few weeks for parents across America because of Superstorm Sandy.   Last week when Sandy hit, our family here in Washington DC was a few hundred miles from the worst of the storm. As I listened to the wind whip around trees outside our house and even pull some large ones right out of the ground, I felt blessed to be safe.    It was painful to hear the accounts of those who weren't safe.  That night, we heard about the NICU in New York... read more

Who We Are In A Disaster

By Laura Grace Weldon         Storm clean-up near us is slow and there’s no word when power will be restored to thousands of homes. Problems in our area are minuscule compared to states on the coast, as well as hard hit countries like Cuba and Haiti. And yet everywhere there’s a crisis, wonderful things are happening. People are freely sharing food, water, and electricity with each other. They are cooking the last of the food from their freezers to offer their neighbors. They’re donating their time to labor on behalf of those they’ve never met. The... read more

The Dangers of GMO Foods: A Likely Cause of Many of Today's Health Problems

Amy L. Lansky, PhD (For more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com)   In addition to his homeopathic teachings, the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) taught about the importance of food and environment in maintaining good health. If a person is eating poorly, living in damp quarters, etc., these maintaining causes, as he called them, severely limit the good that even excellent homeopathic treatment can achieve. Thus, even if you are under the care of a homeopath and are receiving a remedy that matches you, if you are... read more

Tiny Cold, Big Solution: How Homeopathy Can Help During Cold Season

This post is sponsored by Hyland's Homeopathic   by Chelsea Vurciaga   It’s amazing how people in the same family can be so different. Growing up, my cousin and I never seemed to have anything in common. I was more into Hip-Hop, she was more into Country. I love Mexican food, she thinks it’s too spicy. In fact, we didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye on anything. Thus, when we had kids it became immediately clear that we had vastly different parenting styles. At family functions we would talk carefully about our viewpoints as they never seemed to align. That is why... read more

20 Ways To Spread Kindness

By Laura Grace Weldon         1. Give genuine compliments. You might want to challenge yourself to give compliments to five or ten people a day. It keeps you on the lookout for truth and beauty. Tell a clerk she has a lovely voice, a child that his smile made your day, a loved one that their eyes are beautiful.   2. Keep duplicates of your child’s toys and books in the diaper bag. When you encounter fussy children, offer an extra to their parents.   3. Call an elderly relative or neighbor once a week to chat. You may think you’re enriching that... read more

Imflammatory Breast Cancer and Life After Mastectomy

By Ruxandra Looft     This week is Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Week; a week dedicated to raising awareness for a particular type of breast cancer that is often left out of the mainstram conversation. IBC is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer that does not present like “normal” breast cancer (in that there is no lump) and that spreads rapidly. It’s easy to miss IBC or to confuse it with a clogged duct, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom, as it makes the breast look red and swollen. That is what happened to my friend Heather, when her... read more

7 Ways to Protect Your Family from EMF Effects

How often do you hold a cellphone to your ear, use a Bluetooth headset, or sit at a computer? How often do you do none of those things and instead just go about simple activities — but do so in a home or office or coffeehouse equipped with wireless? And are EFT effects on your mind? The questions are rhetorical. Of course most of us do those things, a lot. And as we do, we are participating in an ongoing experiment about EMF (electromagnetic field) effects on human health and functioning. The data is far from all in, and what is in is far from encouraging.... read more

Focus on Fish Oil: Fun Recipes for Working Omega-3s Into Your Child's Diet

  As parents, we know it's not always easy to get our kids to take healthy supplements. Fish oil supplementation, for instance, is a wonderful way to work omega-3s and other essential nutrients into our child's diet, but the taste and texture can be unfamiliar to little ones. For this exact reason, Carlson has developed a whole line of high quality fish oils that taste great! Combining the finest and safest ingredients, Carlson for Kids® fish oils provide all the benefits we love in flavors kids won't shy away from. Here are two fun ways to work these... read more

Nutritional Options for Hyper Kids

  Are you anxious about going to a store with your son because of fear he might throw a temper tantrum? Do you wish your daughter could concentrate long enough to do her homework or simple chores around the house? Are you afraid of being called by your children’s school about one of your kids being disruptive in class or aggressive with other students?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be relieved to know that help may be as close as the kitchen table or your child’s lunch bag. The modern... read more

Learning While We Cook: How Preparing Meals Educates Children

       It’s easier to cook when our children aren’t in the way. Bubbling pots and sharp knives, after all, are hardly child-friendly. But the kitchen shouldn’t be off-limits to kids.   But how much, really, do our beloved children benefit from a steady schedule of, well, scheduled activities? We tend to forget that ordinary activities, such as cooking together, can be flexible, hands-on, purposeful experiences too.   Yes, dinner takes longer to make when Mason snips the cilantro to shreds and Sophie reads the recipe out loud. And you’ve got places to... read more

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