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Everybody Poops: A Mom's Top 10 Reasons for Squatting and Why You Should Try It

    Sponsored post brought to us by Squatty Potty   Special thanks to guest blogger Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama for contributing this blog post.   Everybody poops. Or at least they should poop. In fact, every living thing should poop on a daily basis.   You might remember your parents reading you the book Everybody Poops when you were young. You quite possibly have read it to your children in an effort to get them a little more comfortable with the idea of pooping in a toilet. I know I did.   Something occurred to me one day as I was reading... read more

Parenting Through Our Weaknesses

                I had an epidural with my first birth.  I hadn’t taken any natural birthing classes, and I was simply unprepared for what was about to happen.  In the end, it worked out well for me.  I was induced early in the evening, and later in the evening, they told me I was three centimeters dilated and to take a nap.  An hour later I woke up to chaos and confusion as the nurses checked my progress and noticed that my daughter was about to be born.  Imminently.   My husband went out to tell my mom the good news; the nurses were rushing around preparing... read more

Making Peace With My Body

   by Jill Vettel           My daughter doesn’t love her body.   She doesn’t hate it, either. To her, at five, her body just is. Good for running, for sliding, for jumping on the couch even though she isn’t supposed to, but can’t quite resist.   Her body is for displaying stickers and pretty dresses and sparkling shoes. Her body is just a part of her, but it is not her.   She asks about the shining purpled lines on my skin tracking the curve of my hips, the softness of my belly. That’s where you grew, I say. Those are my stripes. She wonders if... read more

Ouch! How Homeopathy Can Help With Those Pesky Insect Bites

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD   (For more information about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com)       Every summer, I spend some time in Muskoka, a region of Ontario north of Toronto known for its mosquitoes. In fact, even worse are the black flies that swarm the area before it is fully warmed up. Usually I miss black fly season, but sometimes it lingers when a summer gets off to a cold, wet start. These buggers are particularly nasty. They actually take a bite out of you (you literally are missing a 1/16 inch patch of skin!) and the resulting... read more

Four Great Homeopathic Remedies for Postpartum Mothers

by Katharina Sandizell   There are several homeopathic remedies that are a great relief for post-partum mothers while hormones are still shifting. They can help with many of the typical complaints that new mothers experience. Below is a list of several remedies that I have found very useful when treating mothers.   During this special time when the body is navigating so many changes, women often experience headaches, exhaustion, problems with nursing, and mood swings. Since many remedies can express similar physical symptoms, I have first and foremost described the... read more

5 Steps for Managing Stress and Anxiety

                  My husband and I joke about what life was like before kids.  Of course, there were stressors and I found things to obsess about. But at the end of the day, I was responsible for myself. Lack of sleep wasn’t a concern. I found time to work-out alone, finish tasks without a million (ok, a gazillion) interruptions and found time for leisure activities and stress-reducing hobbies.   Seven years and 3 babies later, I find myself wearing so many hats some days that it's hard to remember who I am. Wife, mother, entrepreneur, shuttle service,... read more

Temporary Tattoos, Transdermal Toxins?

              A moderate but holistic mom discovers that when your child is sensitive to chemicals you have to be that mom.     I know a lot about food.  I know about the dangers of GMO’s, artificial colors, corn syrup and processed vegetable oils.   I know about the naturally occurring “anti-nutrients” in many whole, unprocessed foods.  I know about fermentation, sprouting, soaking and juicing.  I enjoy employing all of these home food processing methods to make nourishing treats that are easier for my family to digest.  I could easily be that mom.  You... read more

8 Safe Sunscreens for Summer Fun

  Summer is here and many of us are thinking about how we can keep our kids safe in the sun.    The first line of defense for most parents is to grab the sunscreen and make sure the kids are properly covered. But who wants to slather on a cream that contains potentially dangerous chemicals?   That's where natural sunscreens come into play. Using safe ingredients, many lotions, creams and sticks provide excellent UV protection while minimizing chemical exposure.   Below is a list of just some of the great, natural sunscreens that... read more

My Heart Growing Fonder

How time away renewed me in my roles as spouse and mother.   By V.K. Harber   My son is about to turn two in just a few short weeks. What?! How and when did that happen? I can remember the night he was born like it was yesterday.   In the grand scheme of things, two years is not a very long time at all, but in the life of a baby two years is the difference between being a helpless adorable blob to a speaking, walking, climbing person who can feed himself, sleep through the night, and build incredibly giant Lego towers, among other things. So, in that sense,... read more

Homeopathy -- A Lifesaver For Your Summer Travels!

    Izaak in Rome, overjoyed after finding some gluten-free pasta!   (For more information about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com)   Even though I am the author of Impossible Cure, I'm still a "Nervous Nelly" when it comes to my kids' health. When my older son Izaak finished his Master's degree a couple of years ago, he went on an exciting four-month trip around the world before beginning work. While traveling in India, he acquired a nasty intestinal bug. Imagine my panic when I received a call from Nepal. "Mom, I've got... read more

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