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Mothering's Nutrition Guide

      Nutrition Guide (brought to you by Carlson Labs)   Eating Naturally on an Unnatural Budget Five simple solutions for providing healthy foods without breaking the bank   Learning While We Cook: How Preparing Meals Educates Children As they snip, read and converse with us, our kids are learning physical, mental and social skills. Here's how cooking can be educational for them.   Breakfast Nutrition: Simple Solutions for a Wholesome Start Dig into these tasty recipes that will make morning routines more... read more

Homeopathy in the Home - Natural, Holistic Healing and How it Works - Part 1

I started looking into homeopathy years ago because I didn’t like not understanding health and how the body works.  I felt uncomfortable that I had to rely on doctors for every little strange pain, burn, or bonk.  After studying homeopathy and working with lots of families, I realized that others felt similarly, they also wanted to be empowered to understand homeopathy, and to use it for themselves and their families at home.    What a gift it is to be educated in natural healing and to use first-aid remedies with confidence.  When you learn a little bit... read more

Special Report: Vaccines

  Mothering's Special Report on Vaccines showcases current and past Mothering articles and resources on the topic of vaccine safety and efficacy. Join the Discussion            • Peggy on Pregnancy & Vaccines • General Vaccine Forums • I'm Not Vaccinating • Selective & Delayed Vaccination  • Vaccinations Forum Archives • Ask Dr. Bob Sears Newest Vaccine... read more

Natural Remedies for Winter: Homeopathy for Cold and Flu

Natural Remedies for Winter: Homeopathy for Cold and Flu By Katharina Sandizell Winter can be a time of dread for many parents who know that their kids might catch any number of colds and flus. It’s always hard to watch our kids get sick, especially when they are small and just beginning to be exposed to these bugs in pre-school or from older siblings. First of all, don’t panic, your child is building her immune system and colds and flus are normal. In fact, they are nature’s way of building the muscle of your child’s immune system and his future resistance to... read more

Launching My New Book, A Yoga Memoir

Sorry that I disappeared for the past two months. I’ve been busy gearing up for the launch of my new book. It comes out this week. The book is a (hopefully) hilarious and (hopefully) inspiring yoga memoir. I like to think of it as Eat, Pray, Love rewritten by Bill Cosby or maybe Louis CK. It tells the story of how I found yoga, how yoga helped me get off medication and heal my colitis, and how yoga allowed me to grow and find my heart. There’s also a bit about a dog, an accidental visit to a prostitute (I thought she was a massage therapist), lots of... read more

Whooping Cough

Straight Talk on the 100-Day Cough by Lauren Feder, MD Issue 164 January-February 2011 Please see the accompanying article by Dr. Jay Gordon for more information on whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine. You can also purchase this article along with "The Problem with Pertussis Vaccines,” by Barbara Loe Fisher in the Mothering Shop.  In June 2010, news reports confirmed that whooping cough was now an epidemic in California.1 Physicians were inundated with calls from concerned parents. As the disease spread in California and across the nation, it became important that... read more

What Should I Watch For?

By Philip Incao "What should I watch for?" is a question I am often asked by mothers when their children are working through an acute inflammatory illness. Many mothers don't trust themselves to be able to discern the difference between a routine illness that can be managed at home and one that requires a visit to the doctor.In my experience, mothers have every reason to feel confident in their powers of observation, and in their intuitive sense of what's happening with their child during illness and healing. I have found that, most often, a mother's assessment is... read more

Software That Makes a Difference

This is a sponsored post. As a leader in the special needs software and assistive technology industry, VTree LLC Studios develops products to make a real difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs, enabling them to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their lives. To us, the most important part of our mission is to make learning fun. The following article, “Sports Games Boots Tim Mather’s Quality of Life” by John M. Matthews illustrates the impact VTree’s games have had on the learning ability of Tim Mather. Tim is an... read more

Cutting Kids

By Karen BurkaIssue 132, September/October 2005 Routine infant circumcision continues to be the most commonly performed surgery on children in the US, with about 1.2 million newborn boys circumcised each year.1 The US also continues to be the only industrialized nation that circumcises the majority of its newborn baby boys for nonreligious reasons. The health-based reasons have been criticized and are controversial.2 Despite these facts, the rates of routine infant circumcision (RIC) in the US have steadily declined for more than a decade, and dropped more than 11... read more

Whooping Cough Vaccine Provides Little Long-Term Protection

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that protection from whooping cough wanes quickly after the final dose of the vaccine is administered to children around age seven. Most children whose parents chose to follow the recommended schedule receive the vaccine in five doses beginning as an infant. Acellular pertussis is just one of the three vaccines contained in this DTaP series, which also includes diphtheria and tetanus. The new results showed a dramatic drop in continuing protection from the vaccine after the final dose... read more

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