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  I think I, like everybody else was deeply disturbed by the recent Batman opening night gunman rampage.  Immediately it erupted into talk about gun control and how it should be increased (no guns for the crazy guy) or decreased (more guns for the crowd) and I think…well, I think everybody missed the point.  Then again, maybe I am just crazy. The whole ordeal and the outrageous amount of people killed and injured didn’t make me worry about guns.  It made me think about MEDIA and the influence it has in our lives.  Not just media but violence in... read more

Marilyn Milos Discusses Circumcision

Marilyn Milos is the compassionate nurse who founded NOCIRC, the National Organization of Circumcision Info and Resource Centers. Here Milos speaks of her early motivations, influences, and remembers humanist Ashley Montagu. read more

Chickenpox Party

Chickenpox Party: Developing Natural Varicella Immunity By Brian Wimer, Jacquelyn L. Emm and Deren Bader Issue 122, January - February 2004 "Whoopee!" When word got out that little George's cousin Natalie had chickenpox, the playgroup phone tree lit up with the jubilant consensus: "Chickenpox party!" George was there, as was Natalie, our "Patient Zero." Jonah, Timothy, Sam, and Luka came with parents in tow, hoping to bring home a lifelong party favor of double-stranded DNA herpesvirus. Yes, it sounds cruel and unusual to subject one's child to a biological sneak... read more

Hospital Refuses to Place Young Man on Heart Transplant List Because He's Autistic

Paul Corby A 23-year-old man is being refused a possible heart transplant by the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania because he is autistic, says his mother Karen Corby. Paul Corby, who was diagnosed with a deadly heart condition four years ago, will die without a new heart–but so far the hospital has refused to place him on the transplant list. Karen sent this plea: Paul’s doctor says one of the reasons he doesn’t qualify for a transplant is that he can’t name all the medications he’s on. This is ridiculous, because Paul... read more

Five Facts About The Body That Can Help You (and Your Kids) Be Happier

A paradox: our culture is rabidly preoccupied with physical form, and we bully our forms mercilessly so they’ll conform to truly weird standards…and yet we don’t respect or even have much understanding of the central role our bodies play in shaping our basic experience of life. Here are five empowering insights into how our bodies fundamentally shape our lives; use them to literally be happier, and to help your children thrive in an era in which our disrespect for the life of the body may be putting them at great risk. 1. The body is the first to know — The... read more

No Long-Term Benefit Of ADHD Meds

Want to cause a ruckus? Criticize attention-deficit meds. Over three million U.S. kids take these drugs. Parents may not be thrilled to dose their children but they are following expert advice.  They typically see results. And they don’t need to be judged. But it helps to pay attention to what works for parents who don’t  put or keep their kids on meds. My son was diagnosed with ADD when he was in first grade.  There was a great deal of pressure from his teacher to put him on medication. As many parents do, I struggled to find ways to alleviate... read more

Do I really need to do Kegel Exercises?

sponsored content Do I really need to do Kegel Exercises?   And other questions answered by pelvic health expert Dr. Susan Kellogg Spadt This week, I got a chance to talk to Dr. Susan Kellogg Spadt.  Dr. Susan Kellogg Spadt is the co-founder of The Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Philadelphia where she functions as The Director of Sexual Medicine. In this capacity, Dr. Kellogg Spadt performs direct patient care and consultative services as a vulvovaginal specialist, colposcopist, researcher and sexual dysfunction consultant. Like many... read more

Is this herb safe? Herbs for kids, mamas and mamas-to-be

sponsored post Safe Use of Herbs for Moms & Kids By Dr. Mary Bove, N.D. Many moms come to my practice asking which herbs are safe for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and if herbal medicine is safe to use for their kids. With the media focusing primarily on the dangers of using herbs, it’s no wonder that women question the safety of botanical medicine for their families. Although fear makes for a better news story, the truth is that many plants have been used safely (longer than most pharmaceutical drugs, in fact) to support the various... read more

Far-Off Adventures

By Sherri J. TenpennyIssue 120, September-October 2003 The time has finally arrived for the highly anticipated trip out of the country. The plans began long ago: airplane tickets, hotel reservations, rental car, sightseeing plans. The bags are being pulled from the attic to be packed, and the excitement mounts with each passing day. Everything is a go. But wait-what about vaccines? Is this one more preparation that needs to be added to the "To Do" list? Traveling out of the country can feel like a venture to another planet. Pictures of exotic destinations coupled with... read more

Lessons Learned

By Pascale WowakWeb Exclusive - September 10, 2007 When my baby daughter was two weeks old, I noticed a red dot on her torso and another one on her forehead. My husband proclaimed them to be moles. I wasn't so sure, and quickly sought the opinion of our daughter's pediatrician. "Hmmmm," the doctor said as she said as she looked at them—over and over again for what felt like the longest time. It was the kind of "hmmmm" that seemed to be saying: "I'm stalling because I know what this is but I don't want to scare you so I'm going to triple check and take my time figuring... read more

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