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Claudia's Doctrine of Perfection

When I was working for her (my first real design job* ), my friend and mentor Claudia taught me many things. But the one I probably refer to most often is this:The definition of perfection changes in relation to the amount of time remainingbefore a project is due.I’ve called on this precept many, many times in this deadline-oriented business of putting out a magazine.Here’s how it works.* * * * *Claudia: Laura, are you about done with those logos for the [insert client name here] presentation?Me (hesitantly): Um . . . I have some possibilities here but had hoped to get... read more

Yoga for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

A great resource for parents and educators of teens and kids living on the spectrum.   By V.K. Harber   April is Autism Awareness Month and Tuesday was Autism Awareness Day. As a yoga teacher I have had the immense privilege of working with children of various ages who exist on the spectrum. It has been, without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of my work and I am always so touched to see these kids connect in some way that I am told tends to elude them outside of their yoga (and other therapeutic) sessions.   I am not a clinician or an... read more

Enforcing heterosexuality

Two brothers were attacked, and one killed, when a SUV full of homophobes saw them walking arm in arm: [Jose] Sucuzhanay (suh-KOO-chen-eye) and his brother Romel, 38, were walking arm-in-arm after a night out when a sport utility vehicle pulled up near them at a Brooklyn stoplight, police said. Witnesses said they heard the men in the car shouting anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs at the brothers. The attackers jumped out of the car and smashed a beer bottle over Jose Sucuzhanay’s head, hit him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and kicked him, police... read more

The Case for Vaccination

Ultimately, the case for vaccination is that it saves lives. It has changed the face of medicine over the last few decades in this country.  There are risks to vaccines, as there are risks to all medical treatments and, for that matter, everything in life, but the risks of the vaccine are very very small and are less than the risk of the vaccine preventable disease.   Are Vaccines are effective?   Yes!   Death from chicken pox dractically reduced since vaccine has gained widespread use "During the 12 years of the mostly 1-dose US varicella vaccination... read more

Why You Should Sometimes Tell Your Friends They're Full of It

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the tomatoes-in-plastic-bag awkward conversation I wrote about last week! I really appreciated reading the responses. You all rock. Thinking about talking to Peter reminded me of another conversation I had when I was in graduate school at Emory. My friend G. was on a campus bench looking glum. “I broke up with the nicest girl a few days ago,” he said, hugging himself and slumping down even further. “She was too serious. I don’t want to get too involved.” “G.,” I said. “You’re so full of... read more

Say Yes To Your Dream: How Frank Gehry Made the Leap

Even great artists sell out. Sometimes it happens post fame and fortune. Other times, as in the case of architect Frank Gehry, you sell your soul in the beginning of your career, on what you pray is your way up. It’s better to sell out early, if only because time is merciful and you can blame so much on youth and learning curves. It’s exceedingly harder to redeem yourself once you’ve let your hit song be used for a burger commercial or turned your personal touch into a franchise. So for all of you grinding gears in a day job while your heart is spinning... read more

11 Productivity Tips That Creative Types Already Know

Creative types get typecast as meandering goal setters for a reason. They tend to meander. We resist structure (even tho’ we crave it it.) We relish spontaneity (even tho’ we’re intrigued by five year goal setting plans.) We tend to be driven by inspiration (when we’re not obsessed with looking good on paper, or to our parents – who still can’t figure out how we make a living.) We get there in our own way and when the ‘flow’ works, we’re so smokin’ productive that pert charts and to-do lists cringe in the wake of our creative productivity. Creatives have a thing... read more

Meet the New Space

Before we get to far, I wanted to formally introduce you to the project that has been consuming many people’s time over the last five years!  The New Space for Women’s Health is improving the quality of health care for all women in New York City by establishing an independent, center for birth, breastfeeding, and women’s health care. We envision empowering consumers to make infomed choices, have a healthy and satisfactory birth and post-partum care, and changing the conversation around women’s healthcare. New York City became home to the first... read more

Welcome to the New Space

I’m Rebecca Benghiat, the Executive Director of the New Space for Women’s Health, a nonprofit opening the only independent birth and women’s health center in New York City.  In a city where you can find anything at any hour (and have it delivered to your doorstep) there’s isn’t birth center.  Crazy?  Totally. The New Space is changing maternity care by being, not bucking, the system.  We’re creating safe, healthy, inclusive, sustainable care in a city that demands nothing less, and I’m thrilled to share the... read more

Guest Blogger: Halfway to Normal's Kristin Tennant on The Love List

  • by admin

Tweet Your Love, Feed Your Soul. By Kristin Tennant illustration by Jason Berg I need to take back my life. Is there a mom out there who doesn’t know what that feels like, from time to time? As a mom of three girls and a part-time freelance writer with clients and a blog, I recently woke up and realized my pace wasn’t sustainable. I thrive on a certain amount of busyness, but I had turned a corner. Suddenly I felt like I was running a race that wasn’t mine, on legs I couldn’t control, constantly on the brink of a major wipe out.... read more

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