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Early Puberty Linked To Household Chemical

  Image: CC 2.0 by Mike Baird Today’s kids are awash in environmental toxins from conception on. Some of those chemicals are implicated in the ever-earlier onset of puberty plaguing many girls. Over the last 100 years, the average age when puberty arrives fell from around 16 to 17 years of age to 12. It continues to drop. Experts say some of this can be attributed to better health. And some of it has to do with high rates of childhood obesity. But there’s a growing body of scientific evidence linking it to a variety of toxins. The... read more

Yoga for Healthy Children

The Cat, the Cow, and the Camel: Yoga for Healthy, Happy Children By Shakta Kaur Khalsa Issue 99, March/April 2000 At a recent Parent's Night, a smiling woman came up to me with her hand outstretched. "I'm Debbie Colbert, Hailey's mom. And I just have to tell you something," she said with a hearty handshake. "A couple of days ago I was cooking dinner. I was moving too quickly, trying to get it all on the table in time. The bowl of salad slipped from my hands. The next thing I know, I'm berating myself for dropping our dinner all over the floor. Hailey had just... read more

Resources for Non-vaccinating Families

Please PM a moderator with suggested additions for this thread. Books United States Exemption forums by state Canadian Exemption Forms Doctor's Office Waivers     Exemption forms by state Arizona Arizona exemption letter example (used for schools and for foster care application). AZ offers a philosophical exemption as well as religious. To Whom It May Concern: In accordance with ARS 15-873, we certify that we have received information about immunizations provided by the department of health services, we understand the risks and benefits of... read more

Selectively Vaccinating For International Travel

Resource suggestions for determining if/which vaccines we might consider under these special circumstances:   CDC Travel Page CDC Health Information for International Travel WHO International Travel & Health WHO disease incidence & vaccination data International vaccine schedules (may not be 100% accurate) Info from Mexico PAHO WHO Western Pacific WHO Europe WHO SE Asia WHO Africa WHO E. Mediterranean read more

Learning While We Cook: How Preparing Meals Educates Children

       It’s easier to cook when our children aren’t in the way. Bubbling pots and sharp knives, after all, are hardly child-friendly. But the kitchen shouldn’t be off-limits to kids.   But how much, really, do our beloved children benefit from a steady schedule of, well, scheduled activities? We tend to forget that ordinary activities, such as cooking together, can be flexible, hands-on, purposeful experiences too.   Yes, dinner takes longer to make when Mason snips the cilantro to shreds and Sophie reads the recipe out loud. And you’ve got places to... read more

Imflammatory Breast Cancer and Life After Mastectomy

By Ruxandra Looft     This week is Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Week; a week dedicated to raising awareness for a particular type of breast cancer that is often left out of the mainstram conversation. IBC is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer that does not present like “normal” breast cancer (in that there is no lump) and that spreads rapidly. It’s easy to miss IBC or to confuse it with a clogged duct, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom, as it makes the breast look red and swollen. That is what happened to my friend Heather, when her... read more

Can You Still Do Yoga Now That You Have Kids?

By Brian Leaf   If you're into yoga (or soft porn) you may have seen the Equinox Fitness YouTube videos of Briohny Smyth practicing yoga postures in her lingerie. Since the release of the first video in December of 2011, these clips have generated lots of controversy … and page views, at times garnering 500,000 views a day.   Some contend that the clips are art in motion and a testament to human potential. Others feel that the videos objectify women and use sex to sell yoga and the Equinox brand.   I think I agree with this second camp. If nothing else, I... read more

Eat or Drink Too Much? Homeopathy to the Rescue!

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD (To learn more about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com)   Well, it's that time of year again. I've been trying to take off a few pounds myself, but I know that during the holiday season, "holding steady" is about the best I can hope for. It's so hard to resist those goodies, especially if you're on vacation or if you've had a bit too much to drink! And of course, after that yummy holiday party comes that bloated feeling. That's when homeopathy can come to the rescue.   Probably the most useful remedy for such situations... read more

My Year with Postpartum Depression

                           There are moments that I remember more than anything.  The chronology isn’t clear.  I don’t have a cohesive story to share.  But I do have these moments.   I remember the moment I called my husband at work and asked him if he could come home for lunch.  He had a meeting that day and could not.  And I remember turning my daughter’s bouncy seat so that she could not see me as I cried so hard that I could not breathe solely because I didn’t have someone to meet me for lunch.  And if I didn’t have a lunch date, that meant that the day... read more

Trying To Conceive After A Loss Resources

Resources for TTCAL       Welcome! This is the place to start if you're new to TTC After Loss or just looking for some frequently-referenced resources! This wiki is a work-in-progress driven by content suggested by members. So, please, feel free to edit me with your links, information, blogs, favorite threads, etc. that should be included. If you were a new member, just coming to this forum to get started, what do you want to know? Where would you send a newbie to get started? What threads do you constantly reference when looking for inspiration,... read more

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