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Mothering's Nutrition Guide

      Nutrition Guide (brought to you by Carlson Labs)   Eating Naturally on an Unnatural Budget Five simple solutions for providing healthy foods without breaking the bank   Learning While We Cook: How Preparing Meals Educates Children As they snip, read and converse with us, our kids are learning physical, mental and social skills. Here's how cooking can be educational for them.   Breakfast Nutrition: Simple Solutions for a Wholesome Start Dig into these tasty recipes that will make morning routines more... read more

Why Isn't Circumcision OK?

I had both my sons circumcised. At the time, it seemed like a no brainer - since my husband and everyone else we knew had it done. I wasn't even aware that there may be an issue or consequence regarding it, and am not sure what the facts are since my doctor was a conventional OB (I had 2 C-Sections due to breech babies). Can you help share some specific information with me regarding circumcision?This is a difficult time because, as the USA is becoming a non-circumcising country, we are learning that the foreskin is a normal, protective body part and it belongs to our... read more

Vaccine Flexible Pediatricians

Looking for a pediatrician who will respect your wishes when choosing what vaccinations to take, if any? Here's a community-created list that should be of help. Do you know a practitioner who is vaccine-flexible? Send an email to administrator@mothering.com and we'll place him/her as a featured practitioner.      ALABAMA   ALASKA     ARIZONA Jessica Mitchell, N.D. Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center 8010 E. McDowell Rd, Suite 111 Scottsdale, AZ 85257 (480) 970-0000 Provides Vaccination information and administration of most but not all... read more

Are Your Kids Eating Secretions From the Anal Glands of Beavers?

There’s been more candy eating and gum chewing in our house this week than after Halloween. Partly because of the candy throwing at the July 4th parade in Ashland and partly because my mother-in-law was just here for a visit (note to Susan: this is not a criticism of you in any way. We had a wonderful time and want you to come back soon). My kids aren’t just swallowing loads of refined sugar (linked to the huge increase of juvenile diabetes among children in the United States) and hydrogenated oils (so taxing to liver, heart, and other organs it’s... read more

Healing Crisis: Don't Worry Mom, I'm Just Growing!

By Melissa L. Block Issue 119, July/August 2003 Editor's note: This article features the ideas, knowledge, and advice of Dr. Philip Incao, MD. Dr. Incao received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1966. Dissatisfied with the limitations of modern medicine, he spent two years in Europe studying anthroposophic medicine, which he has practiced since 1973, first in rural upstate New York, and then for the last seven years in Denver, Colorado. Anthroposophic medicine was founded in the early 1920s by medical doctor Ita Wegman in collaboration with Rudolph... read more

Are Infant Reflux Drugs Worth the Risks?

Sponsored by Colic Calm   Infographic by the team at Colic Calm read more

Genetics And Detoxification

Based on the guessing your genetics thread in allergies   When a human body has something that it doesn't want, be it a used hormone, metabolic waste like ammonia, things like salicylates from food, or a chemical from the environment like antimony in flame retardants or mercury in fillings, it has ways to dispose of the toxin.  Enzymes in the body process the toxin, flag it for excretion, and excrete it.  There is a ton of individual variability in that process, and a lot of it comes down to genetics.  For those of us who are interested in genetic testing,... read more

Temporary Tattoos, Transdermal Toxins?

              A moderate but holistic mom discovers that when your child is sensitive to chemicals you have to be that mom.     I know a lot about food.  I know about the dangers of GMO’s, artificial colors, corn syrup and processed vegetable oils.   I know about the naturally occurring “anti-nutrients” in many whole, unprocessed foods.  I know about fermentation, sprouting, soaking and juicing.  I enjoy employing all of these home food processing methods to make nourishing treats that are easier for my family to digest.  I could easily be that mom.  You... read more

Stupid Advice Your Doctor Gave You ... and what you learned from it

  Photo by Jennifer Margulis “When my baby turned one, my doctor told me to feed her ice cream every night, because she was measuring small for her age. It was my first child and I didn’t know better. No wonder she doesn’t like carrots. I was just clueless. Clueless. Thankfully when #2 and #3 came along I chose to listen to my doctors more selectively.” —K., mother of three in Solon, Ohio. “An hour after our first baby was born the nurse tried to give her a Hepatitis B vaccine. I didn’t understand why we would vaccinate for a sexually transmitted... read more

Family Homeopathy

Family Homeopathy: Six Essential Remedies by Katharina Sandizell  Sept 27, 2011 When I had my first child, I remember feeling overwhelmed, scared, incredibly joyful, and excited.  I was also relieved to have some homeopathic remedies on hand if I felt that something was amiss.  Right after the baby was born, I began hemorrhaging and quickly took a strong dose of Arnica.  The bleeding stopped almost immediately and I thanked the miracle of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a 250-year-old system of natural medicine in which tiny amounts of organic substances are given... read more

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