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magnetic attraction analysis 101

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is: What am I drawn to? Plenty of people are inspirationally challenged – not sure of what lights their fire. Others are so selective about what floats their boat that not much new can get past their preferences. Whether you’re confused or highly particular, curiosity is a form of power. Use it. What are you attracted to? Make a list. Here’s mine. I’m attracted to, intrigued by, enamored with… 1. Pure rose oil, that’s so pure it’s peppery. 2. Kids. 3. People who are... read more

Go Faster Mommy! My Daughter with Autism

Thank you to Lisa Crognale of Lightning Strikes for this guest post. Just like every other North American family, our family has been capitalizing on these first few warm spring days. After being cooped-up inside for an entire winter, these days are so delicious.  So, it was the first time we have seen our daughter Mia, outside for quite awhile.  She was not impressed.  She stood inside peering out at us through the sliding glass door.  Every minute or so she would stick a foot out, let it touch the deck, then jump back in while screaming.  It was as if she... read more

Fight the signs of aging, naturally!

Uli Jacob of True Natural shared this blog post with us, sponsored by True Natural.     Say Good-Bye to Chemicals!   There are plenty of natural solutions for every skin issue to prevent and protect, from fine lines and wrinkles to dryness, dullness, dark spots and skin thinning. By adopting an anti-aging skincare regimen in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, achieving a radiant complexion is absolutely attainable.    Lifestyle Healthy skin is equated with a healthy lifestyle for good reason. Do the following and you’ll look younger for... read more

Action Alert: Help Planned Parenthood Keep Federal Funding to Provide Basic Health Care

February 28, 2011 On February 18, 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from all federal funding for birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other lifesaving care. More than three million women, men, and teens are at risk of losing access to basic care. Sign Planned Parenthood's open letter to the Senate, who can still vote to change this. read more

Flu Shot in Pregnancy - Should I get one?

I am in the 13th week of my first pregnancy and completely divided about taking the flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot this season. My husband recently contracted the flu while on a trip out of the city(we don't know which since it was quite an emergency and he had to start on tamiflu even before getting the blood test). It has been 6 days now since he got high fever. but with Tamiflu he was okay in about 2 days (he completed his 5-day course). So one can say I have been exposed, but I have been taking very high precautions- including washing hands, being in separate rooms,... read more

Stem Cells Discovered in Breastmilk

Stem Cells Discovered in Breastmilk By Christine PollockBreastmilk has been found to contain stem cells, according to research presented in January at the International Conference of the Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation, in Perth, Australia. Dr. Mark Cregan, lecturer in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Western Australia, sees this significant finding as a stepping stone to new, undiscovered benefits of breastmilk. Stem cells are "generic" cells that can make exact copies of themselves and also have the ability to produce specialized... read more

Child Refuses 'Healthy' Food

Hello Naomi. My child (four years old) is living on raw yogurt, honey, raw milk, breaded chicken breasts, fish-fingers, ketchup, scrambled eggs, butter, non-white bread, juice, pickles, normal cheese, sometimes raw carrots and mango, pasta, rice, nuts and water. When we go out he is allowed a treat, such as ice-cream. He has several cavities in his molars. He used to eat plenty of other raw vegetables and fruit or whole-grain meals but stopped when he was three. I am a raw foodist, my husband is not. I am concerned about his cavities and health, but obviously can't make... read more

Strokes of Genius, Blog Edition

It’s part of my job to test products (I won’t lie–I love it), and I realized that I want to bring my personal favorites into the blog more, because I want to share this unique exposure with you. I could never possibly fit it all into my two magazine pages every two months, and yet I walk around each day, making choices about what to eat, wear, buy, give as a gift, plain old use, that are informed by my direct experiences with the products that land on my desk (and some that I just encounter in life). These blog entries won’t be themed as a rule, but this one... read more

6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

A solid, useful piece in today's New York Times: “I think parents feel like it’s their job to just make their children eat something. But it’s really their job to serve a variety of healthy foods and get their children exposed to foods.” read more

are you positively addicted?

So here’s my new favourite concept: positive addiction. I just love the sound of it. It’s righteous and honest … a great combo. “I’m hooked, but it’s all good. No, really. I’m addicted, but it is positively healthy.” Like it. I was talking to a friend today (okay, it was my shrink,) about my almost, no my definitely insatiable need for the entrepreneurial rush. “It’s a total high for me.” I explained. “Going from zero to sixty. I mean, the very definition of velocity makes me horny {distance over time.} I love having an idea when I’m walking the dog late at... read more

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