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Understanding Remedy Reactions in Homeopathy

By Amy L. Lansky, PhD (For more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com) One of the most common things that people ask me is: what does this or that reaction to a remedy mean? Confusion about homeopathic remedy reactions is quite understandable, since they are often quite different than reactions to conventional drugs. Homeopaths also understand the meaning and significance of these reactions in a much more profound way than allopaths (conventional doctors) do. In this short article, I’ll try to get across the main ideas about... read more

How Effective is Paragard?

I'm not sure if I'm at the right place but, I hope that you can help me. I had my second child back in July of '07. I had the ten year Paragard put in. Since then I've obviously not gotten pregnant anymore. I've recently been intimate with my fiancee for the fist time(father of my kids and I separated about a year and a half ago) and I feel strange. I have no energy, I feel fatigued, I feel extremely tired, very sleepy, to sum it up, if I didn't already have kids, I'd just stay in bed all day or I'd sit in the dark. I'm not depressed, I just don't feel up to anything. I... read more

Vaccinations and CPS

I stopped vaccinating my son because I believe he had a severe rash due to a vaccine. I have done some further research and I am strongly opposed to any more vaccinations, even for any child I may have in the future. I am concerned for the possibility of child protective services coming to my door and trying to take my son. Do they have the power to take my children and force vaccination? Furthermore, the last pediatrician I went to refused to treat my son because I did not want to continue vaccinating. Can a practitioner force vaccination on my family or report me to... read more

Jewish and Not Circumcising

By Stacey Greenberg Web Exclusive In the land before children, my husband and I had many a circumcision debate over dinner and drinks with friends. I always humored him as he made the comparison between circumcision and female genital mutilation, secretly knowing that I would trump his concerns with my Judaism card. He had agreed to a Jewish wedding and a Jewish household, and well, Jews circumcised their boys. End of story. I'm not the most religious Jew ever, and my friends and husband have often wondered how I can even call myself a Jew. (Obviously they... read more

5 Elements for Healthy Living

Most of you know me as someone who writes a lot about the wonders of homeopathy.  But homeopathy isn't just about using remedies to heal -- it's also about staying healthy in the first place. As Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (the developer of homeopathy in the 1800s) said, one must remove "maintaining causes" -- eating and living habits that lead to ill-health. There are also a variety of natural means for restoring health that don't involve the use of remedies. These can be handy if you are on a good constitutional remedy and don't want to interrupt its action with the use of... read more

Managing Mom Stress: Sharing Tips and Trying out Herb Pharm's Stress Manager

  We all spend our days trying to be the best mom we can be. That means taking trips to the park, cooking healthy organic meals, homeschooling, cleaning the house and navigating sibling squabbles – and that’s on a slow day! Being a mom can be stressful, and we all have our own strategies.   We asked some of our Mothering Mavens to tell us about their stress levels and how they deal with stress in their lives. They also tried out Herb Pharm’s Stress Manager™ liquid herbal formula to see how that fit into their stress management strategies. Here’s what they had... read more

Ouch! How Homeopathy Can Help With Those Pesky Insect Bites

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD   (For more information about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com)       Every summer, I spend some time in Muskoka, a region of Ontario north of Toronto known for its mosquitoes. In fact, even worse are the black flies that swarm the area before it is fully warmed up. Usually I miss black fly season, but sometimes it lingers when a summer gets off to a cold, wet start. These buggers are particularly nasty. They actually take a bite out of you (you literally are missing a 1/16 inch patch of skin!) and the resulting... read more

Why I Don't Take My Children to Well Baby Visits

When my oldest daughter, Hesperus, was a baby, I dutifully took her to “Well Baby” doctor visits. We lived in Atlanta, Georgia, a city known for its searing summers, ice cold sweet tea, streets named after peaches, and harried doctors. I would take my healthy baby into a waiting room full of sick people at the appointed time. Then Hesperus and I would wait, and wait, and wait. After a wait time of at least 20 minutes and sometimes as much as an hour or more, the doctor would spend about three minutes with us. When Hesperus was six months... read more

Essential Oils - More Than Just a Pretty Smell

We all know that essential oils smell great, but did you also know that they have numerous medicinal properties and applications? I had no idea until relatively recently that they were capable of having tremendous effects on the body. While I have used herbs for a long time in my approach to health and healing, I hadn’t yet learned the true value of essential oils and their place within a holistic approach to health. My love and study of essential oils began when a colleague and partner of mine, for whom I have great respect, recommended that I buy a few... read more

My Heart Growing Fonder

How time away renewed me in my roles as spouse and mother.   By V.K. Harber   My son is about to turn two in just a few short weeks. What?! How and when did that happen? I can remember the night he was born like it was yesterday.   In the grand scheme of things, two years is not a very long time at all, but in the life of a baby two years is the difference between being a helpless adorable blob to a speaking, walking, climbing person who can feed himself, sleep through the night, and build incredibly giant Lego towers, among other things. So, in that sense,... read more

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