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7 Ways to Protect Your Family from EMF Effects

How often do you hold a cellphone to your ear, use a Bluetooth headset, or sit at a computer? How often do you do none of those things and instead just go about simple activities — but do so in a home or office or coffeehouse equipped with wireless? And are EFT effects on your mind? The questions are rhetorical. Of course most of us do those things, a lot. And as we do, we are participating in an ongoing experiment about EMF (electromagnetic field) effects on human health and functioning. The data is far from all in, and what is in is far from encouraging.... read more

Whooping Cough

Straight Talk on the 100-Day Cough by Lauren Feder, MD Issue 164 January-February 2011 Please see the accompanying article by Dr. Jay Gordon for more information on whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine. You can also purchase this article along with "The Problem with Pertussis Vaccines,” by Barbara Loe Fisher in the Mothering Shop.  In June 2010, news reports confirmed that whooping cough was now an epidemic in California.1 Physicians were inundated with calls from concerned parents. As the disease spread in California and across the nation, it became important that... read more

Three 5-Minute Fixes for Holiday Stress

By Brian Leaf   Whether you're stressed this holiday season from the gift-buying and consumerism, the in-laws visiting, or just too many wakings in the night, try these quick and easy fixes to move you from stress case to relaxed mama.   1. Alternate Nostril Breathing    Sit in a chair or on the floor with a blanket or pillow underneath your bum.   ➊ Close off your right nostril with your thumb, and inhale slowly through the left nostril. ➋ Then close off your left nostril with your ring finger, and exhale slowly through the right. ➌ Then inhale... read more

Debunking Fluoride

Debunking Fluoride: Cavity Fighter or Toxic Intruder? By Carol S. KopfIssue 107, July/August 2001 It just became easier to say "No thanks!" to fluoride supplements. Fluoride drops, tablets, and vitamins are more likely to damage children's teeth than to prevent cavities, according to mainstream dental groups such as the Canadian Dental Association and the Western Australia Health Department's Dental Service. Both organizations have stopped recommending regular fluoride supplementation. Routinely prescribed to US children who don't drink fluoridated water... read more

Fertility Awareness Method

  • by JMJ

  The Fertility Awareness Method, similar to Natural Family Planning, is a method of birth control that uses symptoms including basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position to detect ovulation and thus allow a couple to abstain or use other protection during potentially fertile times.  This is the basic set of rules taught in Toni Weschler's book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility.     Summary of FAM rules (sympto-thermal) Pre-ovulation rules: 1) First 5 Days Rule: You are safe the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle if you had an obvious... read more

The Toxic Truth

The Toxic Truth: How Everyday Products Threaten Healthy PregnanciesWeb ExclusiveBy Erika Schreder and Sharyle Patton07/19/2010 You can follow the stories of women who are chronicling their struggles with toxins in pregnancy and during breastfeeding on our blog: All Things Mothering. July 17, 2012 news update: FDA Bans BPA from Bottles and Sippy CupsAmy Ellings knows a lot about being healthy. In fact, she has worked to teach others about health and nutrition for the past ten years. So when she agreed to have her blood and urine tested for toxic chemicals as part of a... read more

Charlotte's Grace

By Carol McMurrich Issue 141 - March/April 2007 Tomorrow, my daughter, Charlotte, will turn two. On the eve of this anniversary, I find myself contemplating my mothering journey, humbly marveling at how such a tiny child has changed me so profoundly and permanently. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to mother Charlotte, though some might find that surprising and unbearably sad. On the day of her birth, as her lovely body began its descent into my birth canal, Charlotte died. Her umbilical cord, which was wrapped around her body and tucked under her arm,... read more

Labor Skills for Life's Tough Moments

By Shannon Valenzuela   Three Simple Skills to Lower Your Stress Now   As a mother of many who homeschools her kids and has decided to birth a career as a write-at-home-mom, I was feeling all the negative effects of my abundantly full life -- high stress, exhaustion, and a roller coaster of energy flares and burn-outs. I decided that I needed to do something about it -- I had too much to love and enjoy to feel so run-down and out of it! I needed to make some changes...fast.   I read Dr. Sara Gottfried's new book, The Hormone Cure, to fill my idea tank. Her... read more

Life as a Deaf Mother

By Dawn Colclasure Issue 123, March/April 2004 When I learned I was pregnant, I was filled with joy: Finally, I was going to be a mother. Yet it wasn’t long before the joy was replaced by a pervading fear as I was forced to ask myself: How will I manage being a mother if I can’t hear anything? Some deaf parents-to-be are lucky—they live with someone who can hear. In some families, only one parent is deaf; having a partner who can hear gives the deaf parent the peace of mind of knowing they won’t miss out on anything, such as the baby waking up in the... read more

Monthly VAERS Reports

This page displays monthly reports on event data from the US government's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Reports are provided by Mothering Expert Steven Rubin, PhD, a computer scientist who maintains the online searchable VAERS database, MedAlerts, and volunteer data reporter for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). Please view his bio at the bottom of this page. Ask Dr. Rubin a Question Read Past Questions & Answers by Dr. Rubin About VAERS - from the VAERS website The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine... read more

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