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Managing Asthma with Natural Medicine

Managing Asthma with Natural Medicine By Randall Neustaedter Web Exclusive Natural medicine can significantly strengthen immune function, preventing asthma attacks and even curing the underlying cause of symptoms. The most successful approach to asthma, and the easiest for parents to adhere to, is constitutional homeopathy as practiced by an experienced, certified, classical homeopathic practitioner (see www.homeopathicdirectory.com ). The constitutional medicine is a single substance that corresponds to the overall picture of a child's physical symptoms,... read more

5 Reasons to Consider an Organic Mattress for Your Baby

brought to us by Ecobaby Organics   Whether you are co-sleeping (with a co-sleeper or a family bed), or using a crib, one has to consider what type of mattress is best to be used for their baby. This decision can be confusing and time consuming. Hopefully, here, you will find helpful information as to why, when making this important decision, you should consider an organic mattress for your baby!   Reason 1: No Plastic That’s right, no plastic!  Polyurethane/Polyethylene Foam and Polyester are the main ingredients in most conventional baby mattresses and is... read more

Get a FREE Hyland's Cold 'n Cough Just by Showing Some Love!

The Hyland’s Homeopathy free cold ‘n cough promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who showed some love! Get a FREE Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough by sharing your love of Hyland’s with your friends! HOW to SHARE. Get a free Cold ‘n Cough or Nighttime Cold ‘n Cough by “sharing” this post on your facebook page and tagging Hyland’s and Mothering’s facebook pages in your post. Then leave a comment letting us know you did, and which kind you prefer (nighttime or regular), and we will contact you to get your Hyland’s sent out right away!! Just click on the... read more

Making Peace With My Body

   by Jill Vettel           My daughter doesn’t love her body.   She doesn’t hate it, either. To her, at five, her body just is. Good for running, for sliding, for jumping on the couch even though she isn’t supposed to, but can’t quite resist.   Her body is for displaying stickers and pretty dresses and sparkling shoes. Her body is just a part of her, but it is not her.   She asks about the shining purpled lines on my skin tracking the curve of my hips, the softness of my belly. That’s where you grew, I say. Those are my stripes. She wonders if... read more

Chickenpox Party

Chickenpox Party: Developing Natural Varicella Immunity By Brian Wimer, Jacquelyn L. Emm and Deren Bader Issue 122, January - February 2004 "Whoopee!" When word got out that little George's cousin Natalie had chickenpox, the playgroup phone tree lit up with the jubilant consensus: "Chickenpox party!" George was there, as was Natalie, our "Patient Zero." Jonah, Timothy, Sam, and Luka came with parents in tow, hoping to bring home a lifelong party favor of double-stranded DNA herpesvirus. Yes, it sounds cruel and unusual to subject one's child to a biological sneak... read more

The Case for Vaccination

Ultimately, the case for vaccination is that it saves lives. It has changed the face of medicine over the last few decades in this country.  There are risks to vaccines, as there are risks to all medical treatments and, for that matter, everything in life, but the risks of the vaccine are very very small and are less than the risk of the vaccine preventable disease.   Are Vaccines are effective?   Yes!   Death from chicken pox dractically reduced since vaccine has gained widespread use "During the 12 years of the mostly 1-dose US varicella vaccination... read more

Today is World Down Syndrome Day: Join the My Great Story Campaign

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Join the National Down Syndrome Society’s beautiful and inspiring My Great Story Campaign to celebrate and honor the 400,000 Americans living with Down syndrome.  Please pass this message on and share with friends on facebook to honor those with Down syndrome. About My Great Story MGS was created pro-bono by NY based Ad Agency, Pedone. After 14 months of market analysis the Pedone team developed a campaign in an effort to shape the future for all people with Down syndrome. The online story book was developed by CT... read more

Cutting Kids

By Karen BurkaIssue 132, September/October 2005 Routine infant circumcision continues to be the most commonly performed surgery on children in the US, with about 1.2 million newborn boys circumcised each year.1 The US also continues to be the only industrialized nation that circumcises the majority of its newborn baby boys for nonreligious reasons. The health-based reasons have been criticized and are controversial.2 Despite these facts, the rates of routine infant circumcision (RIC) in the US have steadily declined for more than a decade, and dropped more than 11... read more

Craving some ink? 8 tattoo truths you better keep in mind

photo: unionphotographers.com Do NOT get a tattoo. Just don’t do it. Nine times out of ten it’s a regrettable act of stupidity, or vanity. Or both. Resist the urge. You’re still reading this? Still craving some ink? Well if you insist (and you had better want a tat’ enough to INSIST on it,) then let’s proceed. 8 things to keep in mind when choosing a tattoo 1. Tats are a big damn deal. They last longer than marriage and mortgages. Be lucid. Get meaningful. Is Mickey Mouse on your ass the best moniker of your Higher Self? That... read more

Special Report: Vaccines

  Mothering's Special Report on Vaccines showcases current and past Mothering articles and resources on the topic of vaccine safety and efficacy. Join the Discussion            • Peggy on Pregnancy & Vaccines • General Vaccine Forums • I'm Not Vaccinating • Selective & Delayed Vaccination  • Vaccinations Forum Archives • Ask Dr. Bob Sears Newest Vaccine... read more

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