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Waiting: a story of facing childhood cancer

Two beautiful ladies: Kat and Lexi Update: I am very sad to report that little Lexi passed away from leukemia on Feb 10th at the age of 3. The family requests that donations be made to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara in lieu of flowers. Thank you to Jessica Mireles for contributing this article. This work was originally posted on Jessica’s blog–check it out at Allegro non tanto. My friend Kat is waiting. She waits while she puts the dirty laundry into the washing machine, she waits while she scrubs the kitchen sink,... read more

Grief His Way

Accepting the Gift: Grief and Loss His Way By Ginger CarlsonA Web Exclusive There doesn't seem to be anything as clearing as Himalayan air. If you're lucky enough, the clouds part and grant you a moment's glance at Everest's peak. True clarity, the stuff of poetry, settles on your whole being. For a day or so, you look at the whole world like a three-year-old. I smelt it once, that lucidity. With baby on back, we stepped out early one June morning in Nepal to be greeted by this glimpse. On the same day, the entire Royal family was massacred by Nepal's Crown Prince. I... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

Ten Tasty Recipes for More Creative Lunches Lunchtime doesn't have to be all about sandwiches and packaged snacks. Here are some deliciously simple lunchbox suggestions that are fast and fun to make. These foods can be placed in small reusable containers inside of a larger lunch sack, or you can use a bento-style lunchbox.  1. Sliced Fresh Veggies with Humus Dip: you can make humus at home or buy it premade at most grocery stores 2. Whole Wheat Crackers with Favorite Toppings: salmon spread, sliced cheese, soft cream cheese or goat cheese, healthy sliced meat and nut... read more


By Kathleen WiebeWeb Exclusive You know that moment when the baby is born—that relief, that release, that moment of indescribable bliss when time stands still and we experience the mystery of life? Intuitively, you know that moment is perfect. That moment is yoga. What about that other moment? The one when your crying baby wakes in the middle of the night— again. Your milk leaks and you are sweaty, sleep deprived, feeling slightly insane, in pain, and afraid of what you may do to your baby (not to mention your partner) to make the crying stop? Truth is, this is yoga... read more

When A Child Dies: Living With Loss, Healing With Hope

When A Child Dies: Living With Loss, Healing With Hope By Terra Trevor Sept 28, 2011 Following my 15-year-old son’s death, my plans for parenthood sat like scenery on an empty stage. I needed to come up with a new life for myself. But how could I choose a destiny when I couldn’t even buy a new sweater without exchanging it twice before deciding on a color and the right fit. I was starting my life over from scratch, and I was terrified of making decisions, even little ones. I didn’t think I would ever care about anything ever again. My mind felt glued shut, and my heart... read more


The season of unrest around here kicked off with a rare earthquake, almost two weeks ago. Then there was Irene, and we lost power for five days. The first day of first grade fell in that window of darkness and ice runs, and then just after the lights came back on, an armed, convicted rapist escaped from the county courthouse near our house and a full-scale manhunt ensued, thoroughly shaking up this otherwise quiet town. He’s back in custody now, and most of the local hurricane damage has been dealt with. I know I was not alone in harboring a high level of... read more

Finding an Alternative Practitioner

If you are looking to find an alternative practitioner for your family, here are some starting points.  Always try to start with a recommendation: either a referral from a friend or another patient, or from another health practitioner (your pediatrician, nurse-practitioner, or midwife). The professional organizations for each specialty usually screen their members to ensure that they have adequate training and experience, and can refer you to qualified practitioners in your area. Check to see if a practitioner is state licensed. If licensing requirements for that... read more

Bonding Therapy for Asthma

By Elizabeth West Web Exclusive - March 24, 2009 I have to admit that when I first heard about Maternal Infant Bonding (MIB) therapy for pediatric asthma, my expectations were modest at best. We'd tried a number of different approaches for controlling our daughter's asthma, but nothing helped much. After experimenting with homeopathy, changes in diet, and various sorts of energy work, including reiki, we turned with some reluctance to allopathic medicine. The inhalers her doctor prescribed did keep us from frantic trips to the emergency room and eased her discomfort in... read more

An Idea for a Smooth Bedtime Routine!

Sleeping baby A L.O.V.E. Parenting Technique that has been helpful for many of my clients has been to facilitate the bedtime routine in two locations. Rather than include the stimulation of books, lullabies, made-up stories, and talking in the bedroom, do these activities in another room, perhaps on the couch in the living room, and let the bedroom be a place for sleep only. Set the bedroom up for slumber with the curtains drawn, the covers pulled back, the lights off, and perhaps soft classical music playing and/or a nightlight on. The energy... read more

Freedom from FGM

By Candace Walsh Issue 140, January/February 2007 When I got back from Africa, folks wanted to know why I'd gone there. When I told them it was to attend Equality Now's annual conference on female genital mutilation (FGM), the conversation invariably bumped up against a stopping point: once you know about FGM, there really is no way to conscionably go on without doing something to help. Unless you can think of a reason not to. There is the Africa reason: "Africa is hopeless and always beset by violent crises." And the busyness reason: "I have enough things to worry... read more

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