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Three 5-Minute Fixes for Holiday Stress

By Brian Leaf   Whether you're stressed this holiday season from the gift-buying and consumerism, the in-laws visiting, or just too many wakings in the night, try these quick and easy fixes to move you from stress case to relaxed mama.   1. Alternate Nostril Breathing    Sit in a chair or on the floor with a blanket or pillow underneath your bum.   ➊ Close off your right nostril with your thumb, and inhale slowly through the left nostril. ➋ Then close off your left nostril with your ring finger, and exhale slowly through the right. ➌ Then inhale... read more

Can You Still Do Yoga Now That You Have Kids?

By Brian Leaf   If you're into yoga (or soft porn) you may have seen the Equinox Fitness YouTube videos of Briohny Smyth practicing yoga postures in her lingerie. Since the release of the first video in December of 2011, these clips have generated lots of controversy … and page views, at times garnering 500,000 views a day.   Some contend that the clips are art in motion and a testament to human potential. Others feel that the videos objectify women and use sex to sell yoga and the Equinox brand.   I think I agree with this second camp. If nothing else, I... read more

Who We Are In A Disaster

By Laura Grace Weldon         Storm clean-up near us is slow and there’s no word when power will be restored to thousands of homes. Problems in our area are minuscule compared to states on the coast, as well as hard hit countries like Cuba and Haiti. And yet everywhere there’s a crisis, wonderful things are happening. People are freely sharing food, water, and electricity with each other. They are cooking the last of the food from their freezers to offer their neighbors. They’re donating their time to labor on behalf of those they’ve never met. The... read more

20 Ways To Spread Kindness

By Laura Grace Weldon         1. Give genuine compliments. You might want to challenge yourself to give compliments to five or ten people a day. It keeps you on the lookout for truth and beauty. Tell a clerk she has a lovely voice, a child that his smile made your day, a loved one that their eyes are beautiful.   2. Keep duplicates of your child’s toys and books in the diaper bag. When you encounter fussy children, offer an extra to their parents.   3. Call an elderly relative or neighbor once a week to chat. You may think you’re enriching that... read more

Imflammatory Breast Cancer and Life After Mastectomy

By Ruxandra Looft     This week is Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Week; a week dedicated to raising awareness for a particular type of breast cancer that is often left out of the mainstram conversation. IBC is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer that does not present like “normal” breast cancer (in that there is no lump) and that spreads rapidly. It’s easy to miss IBC or to confuse it with a clogged duct, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom, as it makes the breast look red and swollen. That is what happened to my friend Heather, when her... read more

Launching My New Book, A Yoga Memoir

Sorry that I disappeared for the past two months. I’ve been busy gearing up for the launch of my new book. It comes out this week. The book is a (hopefully) hilarious and (hopefully) inspiring yoga memoir. I like to think of it as Eat, Pray, Love rewritten by Bill Cosby or maybe Louis CK. It tells the story of how I found yoga, how yoga helped me get off medication and heal my colitis, and how yoga allowed me to grow and find my heart. There’s also a bit about a dog, an accidental visit to a prostitute (I thought she was a massage therapist), lots of... read more

Our Skin Eats Too

Many people, mostly those who advocate for synthetic skin care, will have you believe that our skin is a barrier and protector from the contaminants of the outside world, that it is virtually impenetrable and water-tight.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  Our skin is our largest organ, and is capable of absorbing up to 60% of what we put on it.  Pathways for absorption include hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat ducts.  Once absorbed, substances that we put on our skin, including water, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and many potentially... read more

Five Facts About The Body That Can Help You (and Your Kids) Be Happier

A paradox: our culture is rabidly preoccupied with physical form, and we bully our forms mercilessly so they’ll conform to truly weird standards…and yet we don’t respect or even have much understanding of the central role our bodies play in shaping our basic experience of life. Here are five empowering insights into how our bodies fundamentally shape our lives; use them to literally be happier, and to help your children thrive in an era in which our disrespect for the life of the body may be putting them at great risk. 1. The body is the first to know — The... read more

The Toxic Truth

The Toxic Truth: How Everyday Products Threaten Healthy PregnanciesWeb ExclusiveBy Erika Schreder and Sharyle Patton07/19/2010 You can follow the stories of women who are chronicling their struggles with toxins in pregnancy and during breastfeeding on our blog: All Things Mothering. July 17, 2012 news update: FDA Bans BPA from Bottles and Sippy CupsAmy Ellings knows a lot about being healthy. In fact, she has worked to teach others about health and nutrition for the past ten years. So when she agreed to have her blood and urine tested for toxic chemicals as part of a... read more

Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi

I’ve been dabbling with my next book. It’ll be an ultra-liberal, yogi-parenting memoir. You know, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, planting a tree over my son’s placenta, that sort of thing. As part of this project, I’ve been reading books about cloth diapers, elimination communication, circumcision, vaccines, the family bed, and now, in The Continuum Concept, I’ve learned that we should hold our children with skin-to-skin contact from the moment they are born until they can crawl away. This makes perfect sense to me — I believe it will foster... read more

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