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To My Husband: I'm Leaving You For Another Woman

“What’s wrong, Mommy?” “Haley, I struggle with the same thing that your coaches do.” She immediately stopped crying. “Are you coming out to me, Mom?” I said, “Haley, you’ve teased me for years about being a lesbian.” At that moment, Taylor walked in. “Mom’s coming out to me,” Haley said. “I need some therapy.” Because I am a therapist, this was a common joke between the kids when something heavy needed some lightness. Taylor’s eyes flew wide open. “What?” “Haley’s hockey coaches are closeted lesbians, and I... read more

People are where they are

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” - Winnie the Pooh She has a tendency to panic. Makes it hard to trust her. He is chronically greedy. Grew up dirt poor. Money is everything. She is a channel of pure wisdom, a naturally gifted seer. He is a genius, able to connect vast intellectual concepts. She is fragile, new, and green to the concept of cause and affect. He is angry, wounded, perpetually antagonistic. People are where they are —... read more

Lipgloss, lookin' fine + "sparkle determination"

June Cleaver was a doormat. I’m a door-slammer. But we have one thing in common: we both believe that you should dress for your man. I’ve never met my guy at the door in something lacy (but it’s on my to-do list.) I don’t own a pair of foofoo slippers. And ever since my boobs went south after breastfeeding, I had to retire my glittery tube tops. But…I’m no slob either. European women have us pinned to the mat in the “make an effort” category. They make North American women look like…slobs in Crocs and ponytails and sweatpants. I think that... read more

Building a Vibrant "Mama-Hood"

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter I’ve found myself reflecting on my “Mama-Hood” these past few days – the women I am blessed to count as friends, some new & some old, each of whom helps to carry me forward as a woman & mother. I have recently been blessed by some extraordinary encounters with some of these women, and want to share with you all a taste of my perspective on what makes for a vibrant Mama-Hood of fabulous women: *Honesty Without honesty, where are we?  Authentic relationships in... read more

Part 2: Alisa Bowman's Project Happily Ever After Interview, Giveaway

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on how to positively shift gears in your relationship or marriage. To enter the giveaway for Project Happily Ever After, please leave a comment below–with your own Happily Ever After tip, or your own example of feeling very hopeless and frustrated, or, what do you want from your partner that you’re not getting–whatever resonates for you. Guest blogger Julie Geen discusses the book Project: Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage when the Fairytale Falters with author Alisa Bowman. Part memoir, part self-help book, Bowman spills every... read more

What's your "life purpose"?

So many people are looking for it: their big life purpose. Becoming YOU is your purpose. You’re the very purpose of your existence. Realizing what lights your fire and floats your boat — THAT’s your life purpose. What else could it be? If it gives you true joy {not the seemingly happy-high that is fleeting, but the reliable, always-there kind of satisfaction} to…grow a family or a garden; to help people feel powerful … whether by fueling their bank accounts or working their bodies or writing their stories; to make people laugh, to commune with nature,... read more

Caroline Leavitt & her New Book, Pictures of You (Interview and Giveaway)

Caroline Leavitt is a bestselling, eight-time novelist. She’s also a mom, a vegetarian with vegan aspirations, an unabashed chocolate lover, and a wonderfully warm and generous being. She’s also brave; compassionately taking on subject matter that fascinates us all, but can be intense. For instance, in her latest book, Pictures of You, she follows the story of two women who collide (literally, in their cars) one dark night. Only one walks away with her life, but it is a life forever marked by this chance tragedy. She also becomes involved with the... read more

How Much Money Do You Want To Make in 2011?

  I work with a lot of serious entrepreneurs. By “serious” I mean devoted, aware, hungry, keen. At conferences and parties, I come into contact with plenty of hobby-preneurs, freshling-preneurs, just-getting-on-the-path-preneurs. I adore them one and I adore them all.       But this takes the wind right out of my strategic cheerleader sails:     I ask: “So how much money do you want to make this year?”     Reply: “Um…I…well…” Knife in my heart. Hole in my sails.     You’re in business to make... read more

The Ask-A-Friend Survey: Take A Deep Breath And Just Send It

Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us! - Robert Burns To be truly witnessed is a mighty thing. When we are recognized and validated by someone else, that moment of communion becomes it’s own little “satellite of love,” as Lou Reed might say. Objectivity is a powerful thing. Objectivity + love can rewrite your whole storyline. Recognition doesn’t have to be glowing to be powerful. Sometimes having a well-intentioned heart standing next you to say, “I see what you’re going through and man, it sucks,” can be the most... read more

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Issue 137 July/August 2006 The recent environmental, cultural, and political upheavals around the globe remind us of the fragility and volatility of Mother Earth and of how intrinsically bound we all are to the past, the present, and what we decide to make of the future. Music is often a barometer of the spirit of humankind and of how we are dealing with these trials and tribulations. Here are some reflections on music from some of these places and some thoughts on how music continues to offer hope during these times of great challenge. The Indian Ocean Tsunami On... read more

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