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Probiotics and Your Little Ones

This article is brought to us by WellFuture, maker of WellBelly and VacciShield   We have been hearing for some time now about the importance of probiotics and the benefits which come from including them in our diet. Recently, a lot of research has been done concerning the benefits of probiotics for infants and children and how this affects their health later in life.   Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that line our digestive tracts and support digestive health as well as health throughout the body. Diets low in probiotic rich food or supplements, consuming... read more

Core Strength in Pregnancy: It's Deeper Than Your Six-Pack

                                Megan, at about three weeks pregnant, running a 10K with her husband   I've always been active. And I'd say I'm still active, but in a different way, now that I'm a pregnant mom of a preschooler. However, once I realized I'd be spending 9 months with a blessing blossoming in my tummy, I knew I had to be a bit more intentional about my movement. I was diagnosed with a small "split" in my abs postpartum, but the doctor said not to worry about it. And I didn't...until three years later, when I realized it wasn't going to go away with... read more

My Six-Year-Old Isn't Quite Potty Trained!

Because there is no "Operator's Manual" for raising your individual child, sometimes a parent has to do some detective work.     This is a difficult post to write, not only because my first draft had me reliving all of the challenging events that might have delayed potty training for my daughter.  Ultimately, I don't really like to share my daughter's personal information with the world.  In fact, I don't even use her real name when I talk of her anywhere online, whether it is Facebook or my blog.  Still, if there is a chance that my experience will help other... read more

8 Safe Sunscreens for Summer Fun

  Summer is here and many of us are thinking about how we can keep our kids safe in the sun.    The first line of defense for most parents is to grab the sunscreen and make sure the kids are properly covered. But who wants to slather on a cream that contains potentially dangerous chemicals?   That's where natural sunscreens come into play. Using safe ingredients, many lotions, creams and sticks provide excellent UV protection while minimizing chemical exposure.   Below is a list of just some of the great, natural sunscreens that... read more

Six Tips for Helping Your Autistic Child Recover

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD   1. Don't listen to people who say autism is incurable.    Conventional doctors may not understand how to help, but plenty of alternative practitioners are making great strides!  Stay optimistic and start doing your research online.  A good place to begin is www.autism.com -- the Autism Research Institute.   2. Start your child on your chosen therapies as soon as possible.  The earlier you begin, the better and more complete your chances are for recovery. However, even if your child is older, there is hope for significant... read more

Whooping Cough

Straight Talk on the 100-Day Cough by Lauren Feder, MD Issue 164 January-February 2011 Please see the accompanying article by Dr. Jay Gordon for more information on whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine. You can also purchase this article along with "The Problem with Pertussis Vaccines,” by Barbara Loe Fisher in the Mothering Shop.  In June 2010, news reports confirmed that whooping cough was now an epidemic in California.1 Physicians were inundated with calls from concerned parents. As the disease spread in California and across the nation, it became important that... read more

What Should I Watch For?

By Philip Incao "What should I watch for?" is a question I am often asked by mothers when their children are working through an acute inflammatory illness. Many mothers don't trust themselves to be able to discern the difference between a routine illness that can be managed at home and one that requires a visit to the doctor.In my experience, mothers have every reason to feel confident in their powers of observation, and in their intuitive sense of what's happening with their child during illness and healing. I have found that, most often, a mother's assessment is... read more

Cutting Kids

By Karen BurkaIssue 132, September/October 2005 Routine infant circumcision continues to be the most commonly performed surgery on children in the US, with about 1.2 million newborn boys circumcised each year.1 The US also continues to be the only industrialized nation that circumcises the majority of its newborn baby boys for nonreligious reasons. The health-based reasons have been criticized and are controversial.2 Despite these facts, the rates of routine infant circumcision (RIC) in the US have steadily declined for more than a decade, and dropped more than 11... read more

Managing Asthma with Natural Medicine

Managing Asthma with Natural Medicine By Randall Neustaedter Web Exclusive Natural medicine can significantly strengthen immune function, preventing asthma attacks and even curing the underlying cause of symptoms. The most successful approach to asthma, and the easiest for parents to adhere to, is constitutional homeopathy as practiced by an experienced, certified, classical homeopathic practitioner (see www.homeopathicdirectory.com ). The constitutional medicine is a single substance that corresponds to the overall picture of a child's physical symptoms,... read more

Infant Massage

Make a simple baby massage oil by adding 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of rose oil to 1 ounce of sweet almond or grapeseed oil. If your baby has a fussy period in the day, massage her half an hour before that period; to aid her digestion, massage her a half an hour after a feeding. Get a soft towel and sit outside or near a sunny window. Lay the towel on the ground, or over your lap. Place your naked baby on the towel. Gently, but firmly, massage his stomach in a clockwise motion with your fingertips. Do this with baby’s legs outstretched as well as... read more

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