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The High Cost of Autism

The High Cost of Autism by Theresa Wrangham From Mothering magazine Issue 153, March–April 2009   Twelve years ago, tears stained my face as my husband and I were told that our eldest daughter, Rachel, then six-and-a-half years old, had autistic tendencies that would require further diagnostic investigation. Six months later, Rachel was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum with Pervasive Developmental Disorder—Not Otherwise Specified (PDD/NOS). In layman’s terms, Rachel was mildly autistic. Even so, she would face significant challenges in everyday life that would... read more

From Dr. Bob Sears: California Bill AB2109 Threatens Vaccine Freedom of Choice

Thank you to Dr. Bob Sears for this guest post. The California Legislature is currently considering a bill that would require parents to obtain their doctor’s signature on a government form prior to enrollment in public school if they wish to skip one or more vaccines for their child. Current law allows parents to decline vaccines by signing an exemption form at the school – no doctor’s signature needed. The new law would require “a written statement signed by a health care practitioner that indicates that the practitioner provided the parent... read more

Conferences inspire parents toward holistic health

Even as online forums, email lists, and blogs have become great resources for sharing knowledge about parenting and all things health-related, there’s something special about going to a conference. For holistic-minded parents, that’s especially true of a huge nutrition conference like Wise Traditions, put on annually in November by the Weston A. Price Foundation, and the smaller Fourfold Path to Healing conference coming to Baltimore next weekend. When I attended the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions conference in 2007– on the topic of Radiant... read more

Bear Claw Mama

By Tracy Abell Issue 91, November/December 1998 What would compel a woman to attempt yoga while in the same room with a toddler? I was motivated after treating myself to a total body massage and learning that in the massage therapist's recent experience, the only body more tightly wound than my own had been that of a person confined to a wheelchair. The sad truth was that my body was taut in all the wrong places. And what was not taut was slack. In all the wrong places. For instance, I had finally faced the realization that not only had I given birth to a beautiful son... read more

Remedies for Earaches

By Peggy O'Mara and Jane McConnell Earaches are the number one cause of pediatric visits. Fluid can easily build up in a child's tiny middle ear, creating pressure on the eardrum and causing intense pain. Most ear infections are painful but not serious. If your child experiences more than two ear infections a year, you should look for underlying causes. There are several reasons why fluid might build up in the middle ear. They include: Allergy. Many studies have suggested a link between food intolerance and middle ear problems. One study tested 104 children with... read more

Scents of Childhood

By Laurie Chance SmithWeb Exclusive - June 27, 2008 My five-year-old son Joshua was crying inconsolably, his look-mom-no-hands bike ride interrupted by a jolting wasp sting. Slinging Joshua onto my hip, I headed to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a blended bottle of lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) massage oil. With one drop of this miracle-working oil on the sting, Joshua's tear-streaked face transformed. Not only did the lavender's analgesic qualities deaden the pain on his arm, its spring-blossom smell calmed his anxiety. Aromatherapy is a form of natural... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

Ten Tasty Recipes for More Creative Lunches Lunchtime doesn't have to be all about sandwiches and packaged snacks. Here are some deliciously simple lunchbox suggestions that are fast and fun to make. These foods can be placed in small reusable containers inside of a larger lunch sack, or you can use a bento-style lunchbox.  1. Sliced Fresh Veggies with Humus Dip: you can make humus at home or buy it premade at most grocery stores 2. Whole Wheat Crackers with Favorite Toppings: salmon spread, sliced cheese, soft cream cheese or goat cheese, healthy sliced meat and nut... read more

Natural Relief from the Flu

Your Child Has the Flu: What's a Mother to Do?By Lauren FederIssue 128 - January/February 2005 Let the gentle healing of homeopathy ease your family's suffering.By Lauren Feder, MD Every fall and winter, many children and adults suffer from the familiar symptoms of cold and flu. Because of concerns about mercury in flu vaccines and the side effects of antibiotics, many parents are now turning to homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine to prevent and treat those nagging symptoms. “When my boys are sick, I’ll usually give them a homeopathic remedy,” says one of my... read more

Proponents of traditional diets rally for raw milk and plan Wise Traditions conference

Last week, a group of mothers committed to the right to serve their children healthful food staged a rally outside the headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration near Washington, D.C. A crowd of 150 gathered to support a group of “raw milk freedom riders” who transported raw milk illegally over state lines from a farm in Pennsylvania to Silver Spring, Maryland and then drank it and distributed it. With cookies. The main thrust of the November 1 event organized by the Farm Food Freedom Coalition was to call attention to the ban on the interstate sale of... read more

Every Body Is Beautiful: Teaching Children about Size Acceptance

By Amy VotavaIssue 123, March/April 2004 Sidebar: Legacy All I want to do is buy my prescription medication at the local drugstore. My five year old, Olivia, is holding my hand and walking next to me as we head toward the checkout counter. It should be an uneventful errand, but it isn’t. First, we walk past the fashion magazines. Every cover features women that all look the same—white, in their 20s, very thin. I muse over headlines with such claims as, “LOSE WEIGHT WITH THE MIRACLE SANDWICH” or “GET THINNER WITH THE NEW CHOCOLATE DIET.” Next comes a point-of-purchase... read more

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