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Do You (or Does Your Husband/Father/Son) Feel Bad About Being Circumcised?

Since penis is not a word you’ve read on this blog before and since I’ve deleted the 15 other incarnations of this sentence and I’ve been staring at this white screen wondering how to approach this topic, let’s just put the word penis down a few times to get used to seeing it here: Penis penis penis. Today, my friends (Dad, stop reading this), we’re going to talk about penises. Although in England fewer than five percent of men are circumcised, about 79 percent of American men get a totally functional and important part of their anatomy cut off... read more

American Academy of Pediatrics Retracts Statement, Had No Intention to Harm

Even though it’s Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend, Dr. Judy Palfrey, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found time to call me back to discuss the press release that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) sent yesterday about their position on clitorial “nicks.” In that release, the AAP made it absolutely clear that as an organization they are against any form of female genital mutilation and that they categorically retract the 2010 policy statement about female genital cutting. In their own words: “The AAP... read more

AAP Promotes Legalizing "Ritual Nick" of Girls' Genitals

May 17, 2010 Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a policy statement proposing changes to the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Act, a law that has prohibited any form of FGM in the United States since 1996. The AAP wants to change the law to allow a "ritual nick" of girls' genitals, so families whose cultures accept FGM don't send their daughters overseas for the full genital cutting procedure.Help Intact America let the AAP know that any form of genital cutting of babies is wrong – ethically, morally, and medically.We can't afford to allow our... read more

Cleaning an Uncircumcised Penis

Marilyn, My son is 18 months old and he seems to be fully retracted. Is the advice for leaving it alone still applicable? Or should I be cleaning it every once and awhile. The urologist said to pull it back as far as it will go without forcing and to clean the smegma. Is the white film something that should be cleaned or left alone? I have heard different things and was hoping you could clear them up for me.There was no need for anyone to check to see if your son's foreskin is fully retractile at his age, although I understand that sometimes the information simply... read more

Regret and Circumcision

How do I live with the deep regret of having our son circumcised? He is almost 10-months-old now, and I am still struggling with this. Sadly, I did not find out the facts until it was too late.Of all the questions I'm asked, this one is the most difficult for me to answer because I have three circumcised sons. I believed the doctor who told me circumcision didn't hurt, only took a minute, and would protect my babies from terrible things that would befall them if they weren't circumcised. Many years later, as a nursing student, I witnessed a circumcision, which literally... read more

Why Isn't Circumcision OK?

I had both my sons circumcised. At the time, it seemed like a no brainer - since my husband and everyone else we knew had it done. I wasn't even aware that there may be an issue or consequence regarding it, and am not sure what the facts are since my doctor was a conventional OB (I had 2 C-Sections due to breech babies). Can you help share some specific information with me regarding circumcision?This is a difficult time because, as the USA is becoming a non-circumcising country, we are learning that the foreskin is a normal, protective body part and it belongs to our... read more

Medical Circumcision for Urine not Draining from Penis?

My one year old son is not circumcised and is having a problem with his foreskin allowing the urine to drain. Basically, the urine builds up in the foreskin like a water balloon and then drains slowly. It's only a few second process, but it's very noticeable. We saw a Urologist today and he recommended circumcision. The opening is so small, it can't really be located. He informed us that there is a steroid cream application that we could try, but when pressed for an answer he stated that because the opening is so small, it probably wouldn't work. If we do have to... read more

Please Help Intact America Stop a Recommendation of Circumcision by the CDC

March 25, 2010 US nonprofit Intact America has released a call for signatures to their petition "Say No to Circumcision" intended for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who is considering a general recommendation of circumcision for all infant boys in the US. An explanation and link to the petition can be found below, please consider raising your voice to help Intact America reach this important goal of 25,000 signatures. From Intact America: "No professional medical association in the world has ever recommended infant circumcision. But as you read this, the CDC... read more

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