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Taking care of others is a full-time job. Here's the help you need to make it easier.


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My Darling, Clementine

 By Michele Winkler Issue 106 May/June 2001 "What happened to Bambi's mother?" three-year-old Mira asks my husband. "Why can't she be with him anymore?" I have always explained that Bambi's mother was taking a nap, but Mira's dad tells her the truth. "Mom," she wails, running over to me. I glare at my husband and gather her in my arms. "Mom, please don't die. I'll miss you forever." I shift uncomfortably. "Look," I say, "everybody starts out as a baby, and then they grow up. After a long time, people grow to be very old, and then--well, it is just their time to die.... read more

Mothering › Health Articles