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How Can Homeopathy Be Placebo When It Cures Farm Animals?

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD   (For more information about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com)   One argument in favor of the true healing power of homeopathy -- one that I've never heard countered by the skeptics -- is the success of homeopathic remedies in treating animals. Even the Queen of England likes to treat her pet Corgis with homeopathy!   I'll never forget one of my own amazing pet cures. Just days before embarking on a month-long trip, I noticed my dog Shadow had a growth on her front lower leg. I took her to the vet, hoping it was just an... read more

My Vaccine Info

    Vaccination. The topic is enough to make my stomach churn, because of the ugliness that so often follows.  I’ve read a million debates about breastfeeding and formula, circumcision, cry-it-out, carseats, and more.  Yet nothing gets so viciously attacked as the choice to refuse or even question vaccines.   Some people say it’s because non-vaccinators are putting others at risk, but since vaccinated people also contract and spread diseases, that can’t be accurate.  What I have found is that most people who get really heated over the topic haven’t... read more

A Reusable Menstrual Products Q&A with GladRags Owner Tracy Puhl

sponsored post   There are many compelling reasons to try out reusable menstrual products - they're sustainable, natural, good for your body and can save you a lot of money over their lifespan - but there are a lot of common objections, too.  Tracy Puhl, a Mothering member and the owner of GladRags, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at GladRags last year.  Today, she's back to answer all of our user-submitted questions about reusable menstrual products!   Still have a question that wasn't answered?  Visit our ongoing thread, or visit GladRags to learn... read more

Healing Teeth Naturally: a Guide for Getting Started

Despite working hard to provide the very best for our children, many parents feel like failures when they find that their little ones have cavities.   For some of us, one or more of our children are plagued with unhealthy teeth and we are left wondering "Why is this happening to my child?"   The stigma surrounding "bad teeth" and concern about the child's mental and physical well being is a huge source of stress for parents facing this issue.    To further complicate matters, modern dental care can be expensive and frightening--especially for very... read more

Understanding Your Child’s Tooth Decay: Where Modern Dentistry Goes Wrong

By Ramiel Nagel    Author of Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Your Teeth & Repair your Teeth Naturally with Good Food   This article is also excerpted in Mothering's recent guide Healing Teeth Naturally. Check it out for a wealth of information.      My Daughter Had Severe Tooth Decay   At a little over one year old, my breastfed daughter developed a small white spot on her tooth. The spot later turned brown and then, at around the age of a year and a half, the tooth crumbled apart. Her mouth became riddled with cavities. We ate organic food and did... read more

Herbal Bathtime For Kids

      My family moved from Seattle to Las Vegas this past summer and the change in climate, especially the drastic difference in the air, has taken a toll on the skin of my youngest two kiddos.  Dry air was almost non-existent in WA, but Vegas, well I don’t think you can find air any drier!   Plus, now that it’s winter and we’re running the heater on a daily basis, it seems to be even worse.  So, what’s this herbal loving Mama to do?  Make bath-time, skin-healing time of course!    Not only can an herbal bath be healing to the skin, but it is also... read more

Elder Berries for Cold and Flu Prevention

        With the cold and flu season in full gear, a Mom’s best friend can be an arsenal of natural remedies to help keep her and her family healthy.  This post is going to be limited to just one of many of those, but be on the lookout for more to come soon.  I’m starting with Elder Berries (Sambucus spp) because they pack a powerful punch into their sweet fruity selves!   Elder berries and their flowers have long been used in traditional European medicine to treat fevers, joint pain, and most notably as a cure for colds and the flu!  Clinically proven... read more

Homeopathic Treatment of Flu and Other Epidemics

by Amy L. Lansky (For more information about homeopathy, please visit www.impossiblecure.com) With flu season in full swing, it is useful to consider how homeopaths deal with epidemic diseases. While the homeopathic treatment of disease is generally an individualized process, the treatment of epidemics is usually more straightforward and streamlined. Indeed, it is the success of homeopathy in treating epidemics that led to its popularity and spread worldwide during the 1800s. In essence, the strategy is to treat each epidemic as a single case of disease. This is... read more

Can You Still Do Yoga Now That You Have Kids?

By Brian Leaf   If you're into yoga (or soft porn) you may have seen the Equinox Fitness YouTube videos of Briohny Smyth practicing yoga postures in her lingerie. Since the release of the first video in December of 2011, these clips have generated lots of controversy … and page views, at times garnering 500,000 views a day.   Some contend that the clips are art in motion and a testament to human potential. Others feel that the videos objectify women and use sex to sell yoga and the Equinox brand.   I think I agree with this second camp. If nothing else, I... read more

The Dangers of GMO Foods: A Likely Cause of Many of Today's Health Problems

Amy L. Lansky, PhD (For more information about homeopathy, visit www.impossiblecure.com)   In addition to his homeopathic teachings, the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) taught about the importance of food and environment in maintaining good health. If a person is eating poorly, living in damp quarters, etc., these maintaining causes, as he called them, severely limit the good that even excellent homeopathic treatment can achieve. Thus, even if you are under the care of a homeopath and are receiving a remedy that matches you, if you are... read more

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