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Taking care of others is a full-time job. Here's the help you need to make it easier.


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Natural Parenting Toolbox: Common Herbs for Children

Here are some common herbs and their health benefits for children: Aloe vera: heals burns and wounds (used externally). Arnica: good for bumps and bruises (used externally). Astragalus: builds strengthens the immune system. Calendula: soothes skin irritations, burns, diaper rash (used externally). California poppy: calming; used in children's nighttime formulas. Catnip: calming, digestive aid; used for colic, sleeplessness,minor fevers. Chamomile: a digestive aid and calming agent. Comfrey: good for skin irritations, inflammations (should not be ... read more

The Natural First Aid Kit

Here are some good treatments to have on hand for general first aid care: Arnica. Used for bruises, sprains, and sore muscles, this remedy is available in a cream or ointment, or can be given as a compress (apply a clean cloth soaked in a solution of one tablespoon of arnica tincture in one pint of water to the sore area). Homeopathic arnica can be given internally. Tiger Balm. To treat muscle cramps and headaches, rub this salve on the affected muscle or temples, avoiding the eyes. Calendula. This herbal remedy is anti-inflammatory,... read more

Backpack Homeopathy

| By Bonnie Price Lofton When you send children to college, you can be sure you’ll hear from them on at least two occasions: when they’re broke, and when they’re really sick. I could handle these crises by telephone when my 19-year-old daughter, Allison, was only halfway across the US , but this summer she’s heading halfway around the world-to India , on a study-abroad program. Suddenly we’re talking about clean drinking water, money belts, and what medicines to take. Allison has been treated with homeopathy since she was eight. But knowing I was... read more

Boiron Presents: The Family Homeopathy Giveaway

Welcome to the Family Homeopathy Giveaway on All Things Mothering! We have teamed up with Boiron USA to invite you to share your homeopathic experiences with us for a chance to win one of two jam-packed Boiron Baskets of Health (perfect for the cold & flu season!). See below for details, resources, and a great coupon. The Giveaway: Win One of Two Baskets of Health from Boiron ($150 value) To take part in the giveaway we ask that you share a story of a time you used homeopathy in your family, whether to prevent or heal an ailment, or for another reason.... read more

Hyland's - What Can I Use for My Teething Child?

Nov 03, 2010 A video response from Hyland's on the voluntary recall of their teething tablets. From Hyland's: "Every family has a story about teething, and for 85 years Hyland's teething products have been a part of many of those stories.  Whether it's the memory of a first good night sleep, or how for three generations Teething Tablets helped keep peace in the home...we would love to hear your story.  Visit hylandsteething.com and feel free to read or watch others' stories.   If you share your story with us (email us at tle@hylands.com), it's... read more

Essential Oils for Children

Here are some of the safest and most helpful essential oils for children: Tea tree: for first aid, bug bites, bug repellent; anti-fungal, anti-infectious. Lavender: for first aid, burns, sunburn; antiviral and antibacterial, boosts immunity. Peppermint: digestive aid; cools fevers; decongestant. Eucalyptus: decongestant; for respiratory disorders, cools fevers; antiviral and antibacterial. Chamomile: calming, digestive aid; good for ear infections; anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood: for sore throats; sedative. Bergamot: good for... read more


So I’ve got this thing on. I’m testing out the ShouldersBack Lite–it resembles a racer-back bra without boob cups. So, you’ve got your strap around the ribcage, a panel of fabric in the upper back area, and then thick fabric straps that attach to straps that come up on a diagonal through my underarm area. Why, you ask? Because I have not-great posture thanks to a tad bit of scoliosis. Plus, my shoulders naturally curve inward. Nice, right? Very attractive. Partly genetic, from mom AND dad, and also, I spend a lot of time on my dang laptop. So, I am aware of the... read more

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