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26 health article submissions by the Mothering community.

Weeks Three and Four: I'm Still Standing

Cue: “I’m Still Standing” (inter-change with “I’m Still Napping”) Okay, I’m sure Elton John didn’t write this as a feminist mommy manifesto, but right now that’s all I can think of: I’m still standing (and napping!). Its been quite the two weeks. Hubby is now gone nineteen days. On day nine I commented to the kids at breakfast, “Wow, it doesn’t feel like he’s been gone for more than a day!” (especially with Skype). But oh how quickly  it can all change. Now it feels like Tim’s been away for months and I’m living in a dream-like state, a... read more

Week Two: Body Tensing, Body Sensing

I meant to write this yesterday, but this week I’m a little behind on everything. I usually don’t give myself much slack, but with hubby away for three weeks the permission to slack off has been turned on. Example number one: an hour before he departed for the airport I flew to the store and bought the following items: 2 boxes of organic mini toaster waffles 2 boxes of chicken tikki massala frozen dinners 4 boxes of Amy’s organic pizza snacks 1 box of Pamela’s organic gluten free chocolate chip cookies (’cause mamma’s gotta... read more

Week One: Well-Being

I’ve napped every day this week! Okay, it’s only Day Four but I’m going to hoot and hollar a bit anyway, especially as I was convinced that on Mothers Day I’d completely space out and forget to nap. I had already composed the “Loser Napper” blog entry in my mind. But, miracle of miracles, I remembered. My lack of normal brain fog might have been because Saturday night I returned with my hubby from two nights of hiking bits of the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia and Maryland and getting – please be seated – a total of twenty-one hours of sleep! I think the... read more


I just spent the past 6 days at an advanced training in iRest/yoga nidra, a deeply transformational process of self-inquiry developed by Richard Miller.  Yoga nidra helps people get in touch with their sense of self, that self you already know but with a busy family life you forgot.  I discovered yoga nidra 6 years ago. For me it’s the ultimate therapy for mothers. Why? Because you do it while lying down and napping. A nap and self-inquiry? What could be better! (that’s why I’ve gotten trained in it and offer private and group yoga nidra sessions through... read more

Counting Breaths

When Cheri Huber was thirty years old, she pointed a gun at her stomach and pulled the trigger. The doctor was at her bedside when she awoke. Smoking a cigarette without tapping the ash, he leaned over her. “You need to figure out why you are still alive,” he said. Huber recounts that experience in her book, How to Get from Where you Are to Where You Want to Be. I was reading that book, recommended by a friend (who used the book to get out from under $15,000 in credit card debt), while I was traveling for work at the end of my pregnancy with... read more

Guest Blogger: Halfway to Normal's Kristin Tennant on The Love List

  • by admin

Tweet Your Love, Feed Your Soul. By Kristin Tennant illustration by Jason Berg I need to take back my life. Is there a mom out there who doesn’t know what that feels like, from time to time? As a mom of three girls and a part-time freelance writer with clients and a blog, I recently woke up and realized my pace wasn’t sustainable. I thrive on a certain amount of busyness, but I had turned a corner. Suddenly I felt like I was running a race that wasn’t mine, on legs I couldn’t control, constantly on the brink of a major wipe out.... read more

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