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Frontline's War on Selectively Vaccinating Parents

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. A recent episode of the PBS program Frontline was called “The War on Vaccines.” The title alone should have been the tip off that the producers’ goal was to inflame and incite – to assume this was an entirely adversarial discussion between diametrically opposed viewpoints. But I knew that my colleague Jennifer Margulis, Contributing Editor at Mothering where I am Politics Editor, was interviewed on the program so I felt obligated to watch. I knew also the show would feature... read more

The Right to Refuse

My kids and I like to role play. Sometimes I pretend to be a bad guy and I drive by them in my “car,” slowing down and crying out, “Hey kids! Come with me! My dog had puppies and they’re really cute. I’ll take you to go see them. Get in…” Etani, who’s six, shouts “NO WAY! GET AWAY FROM ME!” and runs in the other direction. Saying no is a lot harder for Athena, who’s nine. She stops walking and politely declines, “No thank you, sir. I do not want to see a puppy right now, but thank you anyway for asking…” We teach our children to follow... read more

Of Mainstream Media, Hate Mail, and Vaccines

Hannah called just a few minutes after the PBS Frontline “Vaccine War” ended. “I can’t get the baby to stop crying,” she said. “I’ll be right home,” I cried, saying a hasty goodbye to my friends and jumping on my bicycle. Although I think the producers of “Vaccine War” did their best to present both sides, I was a little disappointed with the show. Here’s why: 1. Although you would not know it from the episode, I am pro vaccine and my children are selectively vaccinated. I think vaccines may be responsible for saving hundreds of... read more

A Child's Severe Reaction to a Vaccine Alters Life

By Sarah BridgesWeb Exclusive This is the lesson you don't get in the parenting books: Sometimes bad things happen from doing the right thing for your baby.   Porter's high-pitched scream woke us at midnight. When I ran to the nursery and picked him up, his sleeper was damp and his head flopped to the side. My husband grabbed the phone and punched in the number for the pediatrician.   "Hurry," I yelled, even though Brian was dialing as fast as he could. He reached for Porter, then handed me the phone. "It's the nurses' line," he said.   "What's the problem?" a... read more

Poison In Our Vaccines

By Lyn Redwood Issue 115, November/December 2002 More than 60 years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a little-known product, thimerosal, to be used as a preservative. Today, many parents question if this product is responsible for the current epidemic of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and autism. Thimerosal Current thinking suggests that exposure to mercury comes primarily from environmental and dietary sources, dental amalgams, and rare catastrophic events. Recently, however, another common and pervasive source of mercury exposure... read more

PBS Frontline Episode "The Vaccine War" Airing Tonight, April 27th

April 27, 2010 PBS Frontline will air a full hour investigative report on vaccines tonight (9pm EST) entitled "The Vaccine War". Our own Jennifer Margulis - author of "Vaccine Debate" in Mothering July/Aug 2009, contributing editor, and Mothering blogger - will be on the show. Head over to Jennifer's blog to read all about it.   read more

PBS Frontline Episode About Vaccines Airs Tuesday, April 27th

Tomorrow (since I’m writing this at 9:30 p.m. after having spent all day on airplanes returning from New York City where I was at the American Society of Journalists and Authors meeting) the PBS show “Frontline” will air a full-hour investigative piece on the vaccine debate. A producer and a cameraman came to Ashland when Leone was just a few weeks old and spent hours interviewing me, following us around town, and taking B-roll of the kids. The press release makes me a little nervous. They’ve decided to call the show “The Vaccine War” and I... read more

India Halts Use of Gardasil Vaccine After Four Deaths

April 17, 2010 The Indian Council of Medical Research has suspended the cervical cancer control vaccination program for girls in India. According to Mercola.com, the program is part of a two year study to look into the "utility of a vaccine in public health programs and acceptability of Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck [a US pharmaceutical company]." The suspension was made after four deaths and more than 120 complications were reported by young women who had received the Gardasil vaccine. 1Concerns have surrounded the use of Gardasil in... read more

MMR and Swollen Neck Lymph Node?

My 2 yr old got MMR vaccine, 7 days later she developed a low grade fever. I recently noticed a swollen lymph node on the side of her neck. Could this be from the vaccine? It is a little larger than 1 cm. She also had a sandpaper like rash on her forehead.I'm sorry, but I am not a medical expert.  I am a computer scientist who manages the MedAlerts.org website which presents the U.S. Government's VAERS data. You can use MedAlerts to search for other similar events.  If you type "lymph" into the "WriteUp" field (in section 2 of the search form) and select the MMR... read more

Information Needed on Vaccines and Autism in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Recently I came across the following story on a court ruling that found vaccines were not the cause of autism. I am interested to know what information is available from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System on vaccines and autism so that I can better understand the issue. Here is a link to the news story on NPR. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2010/03/court_vaccines_dont_cause_aust.htmlLet me start by pointing out that I am not a medical professional.  I am a computer scientist who examines the U.S. Government's VAERS data and posts it at MedAlerts.org.  So... read more

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