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New ideas and inspirations to help you keep perspective during the early, hectic years.

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I Am Doing Dishes With An 18-Month Old In The Sink

  Another Sink Moment; I Guess I Really Am A Sink Mom Honestly, I’m so deep in parenting I don’t even realize it sometimes. I have a friend coming in from out of town tomorrow. I don’t have a nanny. I don’t have a house cleaner. My bathroom doesn’t clean itself. So, that would leave my 18-month old daughter’s morning nap as the obvious time to mop the floors and scrub the sink. And yet, during this “break” (her nap,) I don’t want to spend it cleaning. I want to write my rock and roll memoir, my parenting book and my Mothering blog! I want... read more

Of Potty Pauses

We started using elimination communication (EC) with Leone, who’s almost ten months old, when she was just seven weeks old. I’d never known anyone who had a diaper-free baby or who practiced elimination communication until my friend Lizzy loaned me Ingrid Bauer’s Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene and told me about some of her friends who successfully raised their children without using diapers. At the same time, I discovered that the nation’s expert on elimination communication, Christine Gross-Loh (author of The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural... read more

Fear: Intuitive Wisdom vs. Cluttering Fear

We are at the ocean with friends. I have my three children with me. My sixteen month old is thrilled with the tide. She is standing at the water’s edge squealing with delight . I stand right next to her and my hands are within inches of her armpits; ready am I to lift her swiftly if need be, however, I let her interact with the ocean on her own. I let her experience the water on her terms and make her own discoveries with the current. At one point the water comes in fuller and I recognize that its force is strong enough to make her lose her balance,... read more

"Up, please!"

So, my darling third child is a lively one, born four weeks early on April 1, no less, and she’s got the personality to match. She is spunky, funny and a good-time girl and she makes her desires known. She is almost 16-months now and she has some words and some signs, but, still, when she wants something, she screams a blood curdling voluminous “Maaam!” She is calling my name to indicate her full demand of what she sees and wants immediately. Often the object of her desire is to get up in her highchair, or to be picked up, or something that comes into view that... read more

Back Wearing a Toddler

Can you suggest the best carriers for wearing a toddler on your back? I have a 16 month old and have tried putting him on my back in his catbird baby pikkolo, but neither us of was very comfortable. I also tried a lightweight frame backpack, the kokopax, which also wasn't a good fit for us. Any suggestions? Are you using the support belt with the Pikkolo? That would be the first thing I'd try if you haven't already. Soft structured/buckle carriers are like shoes or jeans -- what fits one person might not fit another. Fit and comfort depend a lot on your height... read more

EC (Elimination Communication) Update

I haven’t written much lately about our adventures in Elimination Communication (EC), probably because all the travel Leone and I have been doing, the polemical issues in the news, and the joy of cloth diapering have sidetracked me. But we’ve been continuing to do EC with Leone, which we started when she was about seven weeks old. “I wish I had known how much time it saved with my oldest,” my friend Shannon said the other day. “It just seemed like too much trouble. But then when we started doing it with our second, I realized it actually saved us time.” What is EC? If... read more

Athena Catches A Pee (Sort Of)!

I know I promised to write about making Leone laugh this week but she’s actually been quite a serious little creature lately and we’re all still perfecting Leone Laughing Techniques so I’m putting off that post until next week. Instead I have a story to tell you. “My baby, my baby,” 9-year-old Athena said this morning after she got dressed. “I want to hold her Mommy!” I passed Leone to Athena and made oatmeal for Athena and Etani and scrambled eggs and toast for Hesperus (who, by the way, is eating us out of house and home. She’s only ten. What will we do when the kids... read more

In Sync, Out of Sync: A Dry Night

I have to keep reminding myself that the only constant with babies is change. Leone is almost four months old. As my regular readers know, we’ve been doing a combination of cloth diapering and elimination communication (EC) with her. Though I catch more than 90 percent of the poops, I find catching and communicating about the pees much harder. So yesterday–which we spent at the annual Parent-Daughter Fair with Hesperus and Athena–Leone did all of her peeing in her diapers, which is why I’m so surprised about what happened last night. Leone and I both fell asleep around... read more

An Interview About Elimination Communication (EC) with Author and Expert Christine Gross-Loh

My guest today is Christine Gross-Loh, a mother of four, an international traveler, a Harvard Ph.D., and—if that’s not already enough!—the author of an excellent book about infant pottying called, The Diaper Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative. JM: I really enjoyed reading your book and I learned so much about elimination communication (EC) and how to go diaper free. Can you tell me a bit of the backstory about how you found out about EC and why you decided to write an entire book about it? CGL: I first saw EC when I was a student living in Japan. The... read more

More Misses Than Catches

Christine Gross-Loh, a mother of four and the author of The Diaper Free Baby, will be stopping by my blog this week. Gross-Loh is an expert on infant pottying, a.k.a. Elimination Communication (EC), and I have about a million questions to ask her. I feel like the baby and I haven’t been doing very well with EC the past few days. I think it’s because I had the hubris to brag about her only wetting one diaper all day. Though I catch almost all the poops, I’ve been finding it hard to know when Leone has to go pee. Either that, or there’s no bathroom nearby. Take today,... read more

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