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New ideas and inspirations to help you keep perspective during the early, hectic years.

2 toddler article submissions by the Mothering community.

Have a Drink!

It will make everything better, I promise.    No, I'm not suggesting you have a swig of Mother's Little Liquid Helper**, I'm inviting you to have a refreshing glass of water. This may be the shortest blog post I've ever written, because this is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated: drink more water and get your kids hooked on water! If you already do this, you don't need to read further. For the other 99% of you, please fill 'er up and read on. Frankly, I'm a tad annoyed that the First Lady is getting all the press (and some backlash--read on) for something I've... read more

morning thunder

Sometime just before dawn: Mr. Nathaniel, four-year-old Aries boy, of popcorn ‘do and cherubic mien, comes half-asleep barreling across the house and into my bedroom, and approaches my side of the bed. “Mommy,” he says. “Other side,” I shlur into the pillow. “Go aroun thother side.” It’s our routine, just like it used to be our routine for him to root around with small starfish fingers outstretched and flexed, baby bird mouth grasping at air until I sleepily slopped my boob out of the neckline of my nightie and he latched on, and grasped the sides of my milk-heavy... read more

Mothering › Toddler Articles