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New ideas and inspirations to help you keep perspective during the early, hectic years.

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3 Rules for Bedtime Reading

New research reveals that fewer and fewer parents share bedtime reading with their children. More than one-third of parents in one study don't do any bedtime reading with their kids. Whether it's due to time-crunch, life stress or (as reported by almost half the study's parents) that their children prefer television, toys or computer games, dropping bedtime reading creates a loss with potential lifelong repercussions. My rules simplify things to help nurture and protect your bedtime reading routine.   I'll keep this brief, because frankly, I think one of the culprits... read more

Guest Blogger Stacia D. Kelly on Peaceful Bedtime

  • by admin

We’ve all been through it, the hours battling a small body to fall asleep, the endless tossing and turning and the “I don’t wanna go to sleep. I’m not tired yet.” We cajole. We sing. We dance. We offer favorite toys. We offer promises (bribes); five nights without a battle, and you can get a new toy or whatever it is with which we can bribe them. And later, when our patience runs out and they really need to be to sleep, we start threatening and trying to reason with a small tired body that is already beyond reason. Two... read more

Mothering › Toddler Articles