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I didn't like plenty of fish, the website is really bad, busy, hard to navigate, too many ads. I like okcupid, it's free and I've met a few people already. You can make your profile private, you DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME and people can't google to find you there. i've had just two or three guys message me with things like "would you like to see my penis?" and you can just block those jerks. Overall, it's ok.
OT - what kind of license do you need to sign a birth certificate? You know you have to leave, and good for you. the previous poster was just making sure you're aware of other things that might come up. Wishing you the best.
How well do you know this guy? This story just sounds so bizarre. I know real life can be very strange, but this... well, it just sounds off. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
Quote: Originally Posted by amydidit Even aside from that, seriously, come on... no one is going to think it's SERIOUS. So why get all uppity about it? It's just fun. ETA: I'm not saying I think anyone here has BEEN uppity about it. But I really don't understand all the no's. I used to read lots of biker magazines and yes, a lot of them DO take it seriously. They think they own their women and unowned women are public property. Some. Not all.
Hugs to you. It can be so hard, can't it?
I don't think a member of royalty counts. That's what, one or fifteen people out of billions. Women are still property in lots of places today, and it's more that your wife is your property.
I wouldn't. And it isn't the same when it's reversed, because never in history have men been considered the property of women. It would be a joke.
Oh, I'm really sorry. That must hurt.
I think, if there are no other issues, that forcing this one would be seen as being really controlling. Why would you have to see his place? He's the father. Unless you want him checking out your residence all the time, I'd skip it.
Oh heck no, I am MUCH pickier than I ever was. First, I know what to look for and what to avoid, and secondly I am NOT going to have a bad role model for my kids.
New Posts  All Forums: