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Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama : We got 16 inches of snow in 2 days! : I hate snow.: still snowing here and cold too : But at least we have power : Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama : I am so excited! : My sister's boy friend is popping the question on Christmas eve! I can't wait! I'm dying I've known since July!!!! : that is great
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama I think the sink is sinking! nah just folks without power & then holiday stuff to do. I miss you all and hope to be back soon!
Still no power at my house I am going incredibly stir crazy and now we are getting inches of snow, which I usually love and really just can't take right now. No clue when the lights will come on again. Hopefully before Christmas : Until then hope everyone is good and I miss the sink :
momtoS, I don't believe we have "met" I am Shannon or sly works too I have 3 DDs 3, 8 & 15. I stay home raising them and growing lots of food. We live in NH.
Good morning Looks like a real mix of : : weather is headed our way. Headed to gymnastics and lunch with DH, then we will pick up our tree so it can be up and ready for decorations friday night.
morning I have another busy day ahead of me with self imposed limits on : time Hope everyone has a great day :
oh and I wanted to send some : to Tinker. What a shitty reality I am so sorry to hear you are going thru such madness.
Hey Katie
Well sinking alone isn't any fun at all
Hey there friends I had a very busy day and forced myself to stay away from not just MDC but the : I got so much done : Dh has band practice so I am rewarding myself with a little sinking.
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