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no, you're not alone. and i'm sorry that you're not! lol i kinda wish i wasn't in this boat with you, but i am. we all just have to stay strong and realize that whatever happens, happens for a reason. and it will all work out for the best. hugs to you, mama. it's a difficult time.
my son just turned 2 on April 1. we have started potty learning. he's doing AWESOME with the peeing on the toilet. he pees everytime he goes on it, though he has had 2 accidents each day so far. but with his accidents yesterday (day 2) he told me that he had to go, but didn't get there in time. actually, he told me WHILE he was going! lol but he's doing great!! our issue is a common one, the pooping part. he just won't go on the toilet! i know it's common and i won't push...
i saw my midwife today and the baby's heartbeat was 140. it was 165 last month! i am 14wks. she said it slows as the baby gets bigger, but i'm still nervous. i haven't been feeling well the past few days and now i am getting worried. did your baby's heart rate decrease at all yet?
well, she got off on the charges. but the kid's grandfather came to her house, said now you've killed 2 people and put a gun in his mouth. i used to love this show. Private Practice did the same crap. they must REALLY want to up the profits on the MMR shot.
YAY!!!! congrats!!
LOL I KNOW!!! the over-dramatization on that show kills me. i'm not a big fan of the flashback scenes either.
congrats!! i hope to join you on team PINK!!! alas, i have 4-6 weeks till i can find out! lol
i've been feeling tiny thumps since 11wks and i'm 14 now. it's not every day though. i can usually feel it when sitting at the computer. i sit in a funny way! lol i have my legs curled right up in the chair, so my thighs are pressed against my belly. that's when i can feel it. when i'm squishing them! lol i can't wait to feel more consistent movement!! this pregnancy is taking FOREVER! lol
i'm 14 weeks pregnant and other than being tired for while, i haven't had any REAL symptoms. so it's very possible for yoU!!
EEKK!!!!! i've been waiting for them to show up here!!
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