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I make mostly one pot meals.  I despise having to get more than one thing dirty when cooking.  Tonight was quinoa with fresh vegetables.  Tomorrow is stuffed bell peppers.  
I'm here, although I have not posted...just lurked.  I was due on the 2nd.  We are having a homebirth, so no one is too concerned or pressuring me.  Still though, getting impatient!! 
My tip: Take it slow when you are downsizing and moving in! We did everything in 2 weeks- bought the RV, moved in, sold our stuff, etc.  It was 2 weeks of insanity!  
Awesome group!  so happy to see other fulltimers.     We live in a 34 ft fifth wheel-Dh, me, dd5, and new baby.  We haven't started traveling yet, but will within the next 3 months.  
I have a friend who is a birth photographer.  I've been to several births with her.  You never eve realize she is there taking pictures, and she get amazing shots.  Ones that you wouldn't think of as "birth" photos--like the time on the clock, the tools the midwife brings, photos of the food your husband has made....but it all tells this total story.     Anyway, so yes I'll be having her at my birth.  :) 
Yes, my goal is to get Dd to buckle and unbuckle.  I think it's unrealistic for us though...she's 4, but has the size of a small 2 year old. 
I've been feeling taps since about 14 weeks.  My placenta is high and I'm small from being so sick this time, so I'm not surprised I'm feeling it.  I imagine in a week or two it will get stronger.  I'm 18 weeks now.      With my first I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks.  Placenta placement can have a LOT to do with it too.  
I'm making mine this time around, but bought in the past.  I like Nicki's Diapers, Green Mountain Diapers, and Cottonbabies.  There  are a TON of places online to get them though, depending on what style you go for.      
Well, we are all having summer babies, so clothing is simple!  I'll probably get 10 sleepers/rompers, a few t-shirts (not a onesie person), 2 woolens for colder nights in the mountains and some knitted booties and hats.  We will most likely wash every other day or so.  DD wasn't a messy baby...no diapers leaking or anything like that. So i'm *hoping* this one will be a clean kiddo too!    Cloth diapers: 24-30 is what I'm planning on making.  Probably buy 5 covers....
I think that's normal.  My midwife doesn't even try until 12 weeks, unless you ask her to.  She says that she hears it most often between 12-14 weeks.  Don't get discouraged! :) 
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