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I am 11 weeks.  Still very nauseous, but I don't walk around dry heaving all day...which is a great change!  I've essentially been on bed rest for 8 weeks, so now I think my problem is more mental and needing to get my strength up.  Once that happens, I think things will be much better.   No real changes other than that.  I look a bit more pregnant and want to buy some maternity skirts soon. ( I mostly only wear skirts).    
BigMamaBear- We are gluten free too.  Well, I do eat a little gluten when Dd isn't around. Have you tried Daiya cheese?  Even my non vegan husband likes it.  It's expensive, but a great way to wean off cheese.     I haven't gotten any negative comments, but my grandmother does ask if I've changed my diet since being pregnant or added dairy back in.  You'd think that dairy was the cure all for the world! 
Anyone else here a vegan and pregnant?  I wasn't with my first, but have been for a few years now.  My body has really wanted oranges and smoothies lately, and it's almost the only thing I can keep down.  
I had no intention of getting an ultrasound until 30+ weeks, like we did with the first.  But due to some perceived PCOS issues, I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. We won't be using a doppler, so I feel better about the early exposure ultrasound.  
I'm 7 weeks now, and have been on Zofran for a week.  I'm still sick, which is disappointing.  The sick, gross, sour feeling in my stomach is mostly gone because of the medicine, but the constant want/feeling of throwing up is always there.  It's hard to explain, but basically I feel as soon as I open my mouth I'm going to throw up.  Not a fun feeling.  I'm also having trouble eating anything, which is bad because I'm losing a lot of weight so far and I'm not a larger...
I started taking a high dose of Vitamin D and magnesium, along with fish oil, prenatal vitamin and a few other supplements occasionally.  I've been doing some research that shows there are many supplements that can help with PCOS (which I believe I have), so I'm hoping that will make a difference.    Yes, I think the emotional part is the hardest too. 
Hope you figured it out!   I had something similar happen to me, and it turned out to be just a PCOS symptoms.  i've had it happen a few times since as well. 
Well, I won't be much help, but I wanted to reply anyway. :)  I haven't gone to a doctor.  Partially because I don't think my infertility is caused by anything serious or deadly, like cancer or tumors, etc.  But also because I can't go any further with treatments.  We just cannot afford testing or drugs.     I am charting and taking vitamins.  I've also put myself on a strict gluten free diet, as my daughter has Celiac's and I intolerance can be hereditary.  I...
At that age, you don't need to do much.  I don't think they need structure, just a basic routine/ rhythm to give some predictability to their lives.  As long as you are reading and allowing for free play he will be leaning.  Also, letting him help with things, like folding dish towels, measuring the flour when baking, and caring for the younger one, is a great way to teach him.   If you have time and feel comfortable, then start adding in school type activities.  But...
Workboxes have really worked for us.  We have several that I can just get out whenever needed.  They contain coloring pages, stringing beads, lacing cards, small games and activities that the kids can do on their own.   Also, people might think I'm crazy for this, but I find setting the kids up with a messy activity when I have something important to do works awesome.  I usually get out the paints and let them go wild.     Good luck! 
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