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Quote: Originally Posted by KweenKrunch We ban words like stupid, shut-up, fart, butt, the usual profanity/racial slurs, and also words like "bottle" "formula" (wrt ABM) "pacifier" "crib" etc. It's not that I think those are nasty, rude words, but I am not sure my kids are mature enough to fully grasp the deep sociological/cultural implications of them. I truly don't understand this at all.
Yummm...soup! I've been making a coconut chicken curry a lot lately. It freezes great, is super cheap, and the whole family loves it. Black bean soup is another favorite around here. I always puree the beans in the food processor and it makes a nice thick soup.
I don't have any ideas for sugarless jam. Sorry. I did just can 7 pints of plum jam though. I didn't really use a recipe- I used 10 cups of plums (quartered), 8 tbls lemon juice, 4 cups sugar. I didn't use pectin because I just prefer to do it without. I also crushed the fruit a little with a potato masher before cooking it. There are lots of resources online for plum jam. Have fun!
I will say do NOT read it if you have any history of abuse. Honestly I wish I never had.
Powdered is cheaper. I make our own laundry detergent, but we use Country Save on the diapers. One box costs us about $11, but it lasts 6 months. When I was using it on our clothes it was still a fantastic deal.
I have received two calls over the last week from what I've found out is a law center. They are very small, based out of a tiny town a few hours away (in another state). The call is always after business hours (6 or so), and the message sounds like a recording. "Hello, this is So and So. This is not a sales call...blah blah blah." I can't get much info online about what kind of law they practice because they don't have an official website. Possibly family law/estate...
We have Qwest and are thrilled with the customer service. Dh ran a speed check on our connection and found out we weren't getting what we expected- so he called and they lowered the price by $20! Now we don't have to cancel.
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm picking up an odd vibe on this thread that, if only folks could do it, it would be an admirable thing to sustain a family on 14K/year. It would mean cutting down to the bone, not confusing actual needs with selfish wants, etc. And while I understand that there are families out there with no choice but to live off 14K - an income that's $8,050 below the federal poverty level...
Well, she could just be lying. Before I realized I could keep my facebook completely private, I rejected a lot of old friends and things because a lot had happened during my childhood and quite honestly, it was painful to see these people. Even people who were my best friends in grade school. Now my facebook is set up private and not under my maiden name at all so people can't find me. I realize that's a bit extreme, but possibly what your friend is doing as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~D~ Thanks LizzyQ... This has been the worst day I've had in a long time... I just got off the phone with the bank, they're refunding $37.50 of my own money "as a courtesy" - money they really had no right taking!! I am definitely closing my account, I refuse to be financially raped anymore! Now I need to figure out how to make up $150 somewhere... I've been told that it depends on the person you talk to, how...
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