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We start our with a quiet reading time, then some music to liven up the day.  We do our morning lesson around 9, lasts about an hour.  Then we do another hour in the afternoon.  Sometime during the day we do our religious reading and then poetry in the evenings. We are only at the preschool level...so we don't have to worry as much about getting things done.  
Good for you guys!  I know you will get the support you need here. good luck! 
Some changes here.  We will really be focusing on finding a rhythm that works for us, with my Dhs work schedule.  We will be moving most of our real school time to the weekends, and a few hours in the evening.  Our days are going to be more free...crafts, books, games, worksheets when asked for, that sort of thing.  
Both of my brothers were bullied relentlessly in school and my mother pulled them when they were 12 and 13.  She also didn't remember much from HS and never went to college.  She's smart, but couldn't really "teach" high school boys.  Luckily there are a lot of options out there for older kids.  A lot of school districts have a homeschool curriculum for these purposes.  You may have ot buy or rent books, but my mom didn't have to. There are also correspondences courses...
I'm not an unschooler, but we homeschool my younger brother and this is what has worked for him:   Can he write?  You could dictate stories to him and have him write them for you...telling him the words he doesn't know.  Or alternatively, have him dictate the story to you and then help him read it back.     Starfall is great and he may still enjoy it at his age.     Play the alphabet game with him in the car...the one where you pick out letters on street...
Oh goodness, no.  We are very low income (I don't really feel comfortable posting how much, but I will say it's at the borderline poverty level for USA).  I get homeschooling materials for very or cheap through used book stores and asking around for friends.  All of our field trips are learning experiences and are free (firestation, nature walks, free festivals, library).   I would say that most of the homeschoolers I know live on a frugal budget....not quite as frugal...
Good question...I've been wondering this too.  Right now we are learning phonics, but in a fun way.  We also do a few workbook pages when she asks and reinforce what we've already learned.  I plan on focusing on expanding on concepts we learned last year-- safety unit, colors beyond the primaries, rhyming, etc.    Good luck! 
I have lots of girls winter 3t clothing, in good condition.          Requested on 12/13, Added by TiredX2   Also have some well worn 24-2t girls winter clothing.    I have a girls 24 months 2 in 1 coat (pink, has a sweatshirt removable liner and a waterproof cover).  It's a nice little jacket....but probably wouldn't do for extreme weather.
I have a pair of Thomas The Train slippers, size toddler 7/8, but they fit small.  I'd say 6.    I also have a lot of girls clothes and I'm posting them here because most of them are well worn.  My dd would still be wearing them, but we were gifted clothing a size up so I'm clearing these out to make room.  I have winter clothes size 24 months and 3t.  Pants, long sleeve shirts.  
I received a box of flannel today! This weekend I'll be making 2 dolls, an elephant and some soft toys to send out. Excited!!
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