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Thanks for the replies. This situation doesn't happen with every little kid we meet. If we are at the park, she usually ignores the babies, or tells me she doesn't like them/want to play with them. She is usually mean to children we know- my bf kids, babies in my playgroup, etc. She sees these children often. Dd does appear to know that it hurts the kids, makes them feel bad, and makes it so she can't play. For her age, I thinks she has a good understanding of...
I need a new take on this- My almost 3 yo is very mean to younger children. Specifically, babies who are old enough to walk, but not old enough to communicate yet...like 14-24 months. She will push, yell, occasionally hit and throw things at them. I have ignored it, tried time out, left the room with her, talked to her when she's calm (later in the day), shown shock and anger, and ended playdates. I have even prepared her before we go around these babies- explained that...
I'm posting these here because I have no idea what kids read past age 4... I have 2 Kim Possible (tv show) chapter books- Showdown at Camp Wannaweep and Bueno Nacho Also have "No Dogs Allowed" chapter book by Bill Wallace.
I have to say, I look forward to Holiday Helper each year. It has helped me in the past, and I love sending things off to other families. Thank YOU all for everything you do to make this happen!
Quote: Originally Posted by ferndoula Also, allow yourself to be inexperienced. Don't expect yourself to be the same as the doula with 10 years under her belt. Accept that you will always do teh best you can do, keep learning and pushing yourself and growing. But let yourself be where you are now. Forgive yourself for saying "I don't know, let me find out" And believe that even a young doula, even with limitations on her skill set and knowledge base,...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuzyLee Before I got my serger I just used the zig-zag stitch on my regular machine. I cut flannel (or whatever other scrap fabric I had around) into ~8" squares, then sewed around the edges with a zig zag stitch. You could also cut up old t-shirts- I don't think they would fray at all so you wouldn't have to hem them at all. This is exactly what I do. On my mama cloth, I just zig zagged it on my machine and for...
I use the stuff I make. But I think that anything without fragrance would be fine, it doesn't have to be the pricey Dreft stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by COgirl19 Is there a natural/AP parenting group in the area? Yes we are starting up meetings again. We will start getting back to our new schedule soon, now that the holidays are over. It's a really great group of women!
Hi everyone! I hope this year brings great things. After a less than stellar year, I decided to go into this year with a more positive attitude. I don't see our situation getting much better in the near future, in fact we are probably headed for rough times....but we still have things to be thankful for and I need to keep that in mind.
That's us, basically. It was us for sure in August. Before that it was just the food bank and a few hundred a month. I'm thankfully for the food assistance program everyday.
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