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The pantry is the only area of my house that is clean and organized! It took forever to get it that way though. I put all dry bulk goods into glass containers. Usually jars from canning or store bought pasta sauce, etc. So rice, beans, lentils, etc. goes into those. They are easy to see and easy to move around. That was the best rhin I did to get it organized. I also have a hanging canvas shoe holder that I use for loose things like granola bars, bags of popcorn, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Princess ConsuelaB We don't waver on potatoes, green veggies, tree fruit, berries, eggs, milk, yogurt or peanut butter/jelly. That's all I can afford to do, the rest I will buy organic if I see a very good deal, otherwise I buy conventional. I can't afford to buy "good" meat so I just buy less of it. Yep. This is basically what I do, just add tomatoes and carrots to that.
I'd love to hear about safety units anyone has done. I'm thinking stranger danger, fire, 911, or anything else you included. I started thinking about it because dd and a friend were playing "Stop, Drop and Roll" today! Thanks!
We buy the Applegate Farms stuff sometimes too. And Dd eats a ton of hummus with veggies, or sometimes on GF bread. We are dairy free/gluten free and in the process of becoming vegetarians. Dips are big around here- almond butter, hummus, etc.
I get emotional over getting rid of baby stuff all the time. Even the crib which Dd never ONCE slept in, and we only had because someone gave to us!
I agree with pp. I make sure we eat organic for things on the "Dirty Dozen", and then things that we eat a ton of. Dd and I eat a ton of bananas every day, so I make sure those are organic. Same thing with carrots. Good luck!
Just about everything! We did not eat healthy in my house. -canned frosting on graham crackers. -Ramen -those packages of Little Debbie snacks, whenever we wanted -Hamburger Helper with white bread was a regular meal. Ick. I'm so glad I figured out how not to eat like that as an adult!
I hope this questions makes sense! Dh and I have been on a very low income for quite some time now, but this month we are fortunate enough to have money left in our checking account. I was wondering how much is considered a comfortable amount to you all, after all bills and rent are paid? We only have one account, no savings, no credit cards.
I personally find Baby Signing Time more enjoyable for ME, but dd loves the regular Signing Time. They will last much longer and teach more advanced signs (but in a way that even young toddlers can understand). So I would go straight to those.
Thanks for the replies. There would only be one other person putting up a living space there, and it would most likely be a mobile trailer of some sort, not something he'd live in full time. But I will still look into all of those issues and laws.
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