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I KNEW these mods were bad news!
My Dds day isn't too structured. I makes sure she does one "project" every day- usually painting or baking. I also make sure she plays with other kids once a day, I invite a friend over, unless it's a day that I nanny. But other than that, she is free to do what she wants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maluhia Everyone....let's band together to help family #52 and her 10 week old preemie! Thread here. Definitely look at this thread! Lets see if we can help! Quote: Originally Posted by SleeplessMommy FYT: Leaving USA to move to New Mexico. Suggest a good immigration lawyer? Ok, THAT is a funny one!
Well, on a good year my dh makes 1900 a month, so yeah, it's doable. Right now we are living under a grand. Our rent is about double yours, but our grocery bill is only $100, so that may be an area you could cut (although it takes a bit of time). If you are serious about wanting to stay home, a lot of things will have to be cut. Just based on your post, it looks like a LOT of those bills could be lowered. You have $80 budgeted for clothing- are you spending $80 on...
Satori-Hugs to you!! for your headache- if you have any coconut oil, rub some of that on your temples, it may help. Well, I guess things are going ok. Dh will get unemployment, so that will help us pay rent this month (we are already over a week late). He also found a temporary pt job. He works really long hours and it doesn't pay much, but I'm so proud of him for getting out and doing it. He doesn't complain about the cold or the hours, he just gets up in the...
I'm so glad this title got picked, lol. It's one of my favorites! "Etiquette Question: Borrowing My Neighbors Plunger" Yay Holiday Helper thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by peggyitaly Those of you who got pregnant using the withdrawal method, did your partners fail to withdraw or were they successful? Dh was successful...it just didn't work for us. That said, we are still using it. I actually don't like it at all. It's great because I really can't stand birth control, but seriously every month I think I'm pregnant now! Stressful.
It's hard. I only have one dd, and I am just now finding the time to do anything. I've started reading while I'm nursing her down at night (I could never get it to work before). I'm also going to get up earlier, like 6:30, when she starts sleeping better at night. That will give me a couple hours to get things out of the way. I also put dd in the tub and do some knitting and reading. I guess that's a popular thing!
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st Thats the one!! I vote its AnnetteMarie the pastor wife!!! Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife "I used Dawn in my dishwasher..." because I know people that have done it! Wait...is that bad?!
Sophie was Dds favorite toys until she was about a year. She chewed on it all the time. I about died when i saw the price tag, but it was worth it. Sophie still looks brand new!
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