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DS1 was born via cesarean.  He was a planned homebirth, transferred 105 hours after my water broke.     DS2 was my VBAC - but it was terrible.  I had two episiotomies and spent over $1000 in physio later just trying to salvage something of my pelvic floor. That was also a homebirth transfer, mostly due to lack of support from my midwife.    DS3 was born at home in the water. It was amazing and miraculous, and I can't wait to do it all over again.     I will have the...
I like the Thieves better, too. It has lemon instead of the orange oil that doTerra has. But, I like a lot of the other blends that doTerra has better, and I can make my own Theives anyway (let me know if you want the 'recipe') so I'm not at a loss.  
My mom just got me the book: "Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies." It is a doTerra book, and the author says that their blend, Solace, is her first line of defense for breast tenderness and pain.  She further recommends grapefruit, lavender and ylang ylang. I agree with SisterThyme that frankincense would definitely be a go to oil for me.  (I promise I'm not a doTerra pusher, but coincidentally, they are offering a free bottle of frankincense in the month of...
Hi ladies, I'm debating whether to join July or August, as my baby is due the very beginning of August, but this one will be my 4th, and I've yet to hit my due date.  I'll chime in here in any case.  I'm Jenny. Due the beginning of August. 
I love Gilbert! And, my grandpa's name was Gil, so it would work.  
Tegan and Sara grew up where I'm from, and DH went to high school with them - we'll technically his older sister did, he was a couple years younger than them. Back then they were Sara and Tegan.
 I love Scout. I had planned on naming a girl Scarlett, and calling her Scout. Although, when I had my 3rd boy I decided I had better not keep waiting for my girl, and we named him Atticus.  I don't know if I could pull off a Scout and an Atticus in the same clan.   The other kids might wonder why they weren't named Jem, Calpurnica and Radley (which I've always thought would be an awesome name.)
Besides random internet "strangers," we've only told our midwives and one friend across the country.  We are spending Christmas with my entire family, so I'd like to tell everyone on Christmas morning.  But, I had a M/C at 8 weeks in September, and I will only be 8 1/2 weeks at Christmas. It makes me a little nervous. I am thinking of getting an US before then just to see a heartbeat, because that will make me feel a lot better about sharing. The problem is, I don't do...
Oh mama, that is scary.  I don't know enough about it to give you much advice, but did want to send some virtual love.  Hang in there, and I'll be praying it's nothing. 
Yeah! Congrats!  
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