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DH really like The Birth Partner. I love Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth, also some of the relaxation/visualization stuff in Bountiful, Blissful Beautiful is good for pregnancy/birth fears. Def. get a doula. There is a lot of doula love in our house (and I'm not a doula)
Ah! I haven't checked in here for a while....Still going, but slower and more in tune w/some virus that went through our house. I do prenatal yoga 2x a week, prenatal pilates 2x a week and try to do some cardio at least 1 -2x. I've gained about 10 lbs and am 23 weeks. I really want to keep going, I feel like the baby is fine w/it. I found myself looking forward to not being pregnant the other day and working out again/getting in shape (a shape that is not round and...
I've never heard that you shouldn't do them when you are pregnant - in fact in my prenatal pilates and yoga classes, we do them and other pelvic floor strengthening stuff. I didn't pay attention to my pelvic floor w/my first and am def. paying more attention to it this time - for the labor and recovery.
I don't know if you can find it where you are, but Earth Mama Baby Angel makes a great bottom cream that really helped me w/mine after DS's birth. I plan on stocking up in a month or so... Maybe probiotics?
We're planning our second homebirth and both midwives (we're using a different one this time) just bill our insurance for prenatal care and post natal. Even if your insurance doesn't cover the birth per say, I've heard of midwives billing the insurance for specific things/procedures and getting reimbursed for the birth that way - apparently if you bill it as procedures and not just as a birth , the midwives are more successful at getting births covered meaning you pay...
We're encapsulating it again. We did the first time and I really feel like it helped. It's not gross to take the pills - they don't taste like anything since they are encapsulated. We wait for the cord to stop pulsing so the baby gets all the stuff in there and then cut it. I may take a print before we encapsulate it this time.
Thanks, I thought it was something normal I'd just not seen before. I saw him urinate last night and he didn't seem to have any problems and it didn't bother him.
Hi, DS is 2 and we've never had any issues, I think he has a bubble/balloon thing on his shaft where his skin has detached and gotten urine trapped in it because he his still in diapers, but am not sure. Does it ever look like they have a bubble on the side or shaft? Should I be worried? His tip is a little red but nothing alarming. Doesn't seem to be bothering him and he's not messing w/it or anything.
Try Freda Rosenfeld (may be spelling her last name wrong) I believe she does home visits and she has a good reputation.
Hi, Our DS has multiple food allergies and antibiotic alleriges, his allergies are severe and he's had ana reactions before. Of course, we're usually there, but he's getting to the age when he's starting a two's program and preschool next year. Our allergist thinks he should wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace (and we agree) since he's had reactions in public places and while traveling. My question is, do you think a toddler should wear a bracelet or a necklace?...
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