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Well from what I read this has been available in other countries for a while now ...it's just that I just found out about it ; ) and I love Tide ...I just don't love the price
I know a lot of us out there make our own laundry soap to save a few $ . The only laundry bars I have ever heard about around here are Fels Naptha and Zote. This morning I was randomly searching the internet for laundry / cleaning solutions and found that Tide makes a laundry soap bar ! So I thought I'd come on here and share it with you guys ...you can also get it from EBay http://www.amazon.com/Laundry-Lemon-Calamansi-2x140g-Sealed/dp/B00C56WKVO
Have you tried cutting out or reducing his nap? I know nothing really helped my Ds2 until he was no longer napping. Now (thank God) he sleeps 10 hrs a night. I do remember him being pretty grouchy the first week or so of no napping ...then everything got sooo much easier. While he was taking a nap every day he would easily wake up 8 times a night and I was pregnant as well . It was exhausting to say the least.
awwww...Grndm's are the best !!
I had more idea....what about getting him a Kindle or a Kindle Fire? You could down load him tons of interactive books, puzzles, or age appropriate games. Also some libraries let you down load e-books for free. Plus there's an app that lets him make his own lists .
can you guys take a couple of crock pots with you? That way you sould do slow cooked meals that would be tender for grandma and still healthy. meal ideas: breakfast: breakfast casseroles muffins fruit & yogurt cups Lunch sandwiches Quesadillas (meat or vegetarian) Supper: slow cooker meals: chili, soup, beans, speghetti & meatballs, stew a whole chicken(s) pot roast & veggies, Most beach houses have grills ...you can grill hamburgers & hotdogs (along w/ veggie...
does he like tools / building things? you could get him some real screwdrivers, wrenches and real little hammer and tape measure... then go to a lumber store for blocks/pieces of wood (you can pre-drill holes in them) different screws, bolts, nuts, chains. Then he can come up with his own inventions and he will he using real "big boy" tools.
what about instead of a present get him an experience...a trip to the zoo, children's museum, local kids arcade ??
what about calling churchs or food banks in your area to see if they can be of any help? sending you hugs & hoppe that everything turns out ok
this is an awesome series...it had me missing sleep because I was up so late reading :)     http://elementalmysteries.com/books/
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