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Some of you know that I am new to cding, but I just wanted to say that I am loving this ! I feel sooo much better that ds has a cd next to his chubby little bum instead of sposies. Infact I love them so much I went to our local cd store today and bought enough cds to cd full time. I just have just one question though.... what do I do w/ my sposies. I don't really want to use them on ds anymore so should I give them away....I don't just want to toss them out w/ the trash....
Thank you for all the info. Tday we went to my local cloth diaper store and bought a moby wrap. I think it's going to work ok....i just need to practice the different styles. ds was very happy in this one
I use Charlie's for our clothes/ cds and so far so good. I have a top loading washer and do a cold rise ... hot wash then an extra rise. Maybe we aren't having any problems w/ charlies because we do not use any other detergent / softeners.
We use Charlie's soap....it's cheap and gets our clothes/diapers very clean w/ no icky perfume smells
ds is 4 1/2 months, 15 1/2 lbs & 26 ins long, Would around $100 get a good one? I think I would be using this for around the house stuff... you know cleaning, dishes and diapers with the possibilty of wearing when I go shopping. Also I think carrying him in the front or to the side would be the best for me. Thanks
Thank you for all the info, and it's true that cds are very cute. After several diaper changes today I'm maybe gettin the hang of it. I have noticed that ds seems to have less of the wet diaper smell with cds. I will definately try my one size BG to see if it makes a difference. Maybe this is a crazy question but can you reuse the Bumgenius 3.o cover and just change the inserts or do you have to use 1 cover per diaper change?
Just wondering which of the many styles of wraps/ slings would you suggest for a plus size momma? I am a size 3x and am 5 ft 5in tall. I have never used a baby sling so I would need one that is easy to use. Oh, this is for my 4 1/2 month old ds
I have a 4 1/2 month old ds that is 15 1/2 lbs & 26in long (a little chunky) and am very new to cding. I ordered a try it pack ( 1 BG one size & 6 premium indian prefolds w/ 2 bummis wraps) and my only complaint is that they seem really bulky. I used the twist method first and then the newspaper fold. I have only used dposies in the past so maybe this is something I have to get used to. Do you have any suggestions for a trimmer fit ? Do I need to fold the pf different or...
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