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My English teacher (in high school) would drink an Irish coffee every morning ... she would try to hide the flask but it was always obvious 
I tried to do  the no sugar thing a couple of days ago and ended up with a killer headache and more tired than ever...then I ended up caving and eating a bunch a truffles. How the hell did I get so addicted to this stuff .
We have both boys 3.5 and 8 months in our bed room
I so understand KDaisy about being able to eat an entire batch of brownies. Oh, and sometimes when we have really good chocolate in the house it's like all I can think of ...until I'm mindlessly eating it all !! So I'm curious... when you guys say eating more healthy fat instead of sugar helped with your addiction...did it make you gain weight? I'm already over weight and I don't want to add on more by eating more fats to curb the sugar addiction, kwim
. I sooo need help with this too.
Ribs, buttered fresh corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and collard greens, oh and yeast rolls w/ peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert 
I totally agree with ALL the PPs. I see nothing wrong with what your Dh did. As for the one weid "really hurt her" thing he said...could he have just been trying to get her attention/compliance and just didn't know what else to do (like an empty threat). BTW, I do agree that parents for the most part need to be a "united front" in front of their kids....is there any reason why you couldn't have waited to discuss the whole issue with your Dh when your Lo's were in bed?...
Mama I am so sorry for your loss. Almost 2 yrs ago I lost a baby at 19 wks and had a D & E as well. Please PM me if you ever need to talk 
Could she be getting sick? I was wondering maybe she's coming down with something from being in a new climate/enviroment? I know when my Ds is getting an ear infection he's ...well a little monster . Do you have rhythm you follow during the day or has her days changed a lot since your move? Seems like it would be a big change for a LO.   Is she in her own room? If so maybe night time is scary for her now b/c it's all new to her. The whole thing with her asking for a...
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